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Local social enterprise SuperMum Bakery trains M’sian single mothers to bake and run their own business

Local social enterprise SuperMum Bakery trains M’sian single mothers to bake and run their own business

Tasneem Nazari

Being a mother isn’t easy as it is. Imagine being a single mother – taking care of the kids, AND putting food on the table.


This is why mothers, especially single mothers, need all the help they can get. Many single mothers want to be able to be independent. To work and make a living, or even run their own business so that they have time to be there for their kids too.

Thankfully, there are people and companies out there who are aware of this and want to help. One such social enterprise is SuperMum Bakery.


The PJ based bakery offers practical training to single mothers. Founded by the Rotary Club Petaling Jaya (RCPJ), the company trains single mothers for four months to prepare them to enter the workforce, during that time, the mothers also receive a RM500 stipend.

(Picture credit: RCPJ SuperMum/Facebook)

After their training is complete, the mothers may not only become pastry chefs but can also open their own business or be part of the marketing team.

(Picture credit: m/SIX)

During the recent Ramadan and Raya festivities, a marketing company, m/SIX also joined the movement. Using their advertising expertise, m/SIX helped promote Raya pastries, cakes and cookies made by single mothers at SuperMum.

(Picture credit: m/SIX)

Besides m/SIX, local bakery company Bagus Marketing Sdn Bhd, also played their part by supplying SuperMum with ingredients and baking utensils. Isn’t it nice seeing people working together to help each other?

If there’s any enterprise to root for and support, it’s social enterprises such as these. The ones that are here to give back to the community and help each other reach further heights, together.


If you’re interested in becoming part of this programme, you can offer your services to SuperMum Bakery. Besides that, you can also show your support to our local single mothers by buying their delicious cookies or by making space in your own company to employ them.

You can check out the SuperMum Bakery Facebook page or give them a call at 012-303 8126 for more info

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