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‘Don’t speak in Chinese when other Msians are around’

‘Don’t speak in Chinese when other Msians are around’

A young lawyer, Lim Wei Jiet, caught the attention of Twitterjaya over the weekend.

This after he tweeted that he personally hated it when people speak in their mother tongue while in the presence of other people who may not understand.

Lim is the National Human Rights Society (HAKAM) Secretary-General.

However, he stressed to us that the tweets are made in his personal capacity and unrelated to his post in HAKAM.

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It’s pretty clear that almost everyone in Malaysia has been on multiple sides of this situation at some point.

Netizens also replied his tweet with their own experiences.

After seeing his tweet garnering a crowd of replies, Lim then added a thread to his tweet.

In his following tweet he asks those who face such situations to stand up and not tolerate such disrespect.

Netizens are again agreeing with Lim.

Some are even thanking him for bringing up this issue and raising awareness of this phenomena.

Whilst some guilty ones tweeted their apologies.

Regardless, Lim feels that no one should feel excluded in 2019 over such a gaff, and hopes for a change.

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