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[Watch] Woman Claims She Found Tissue In Hospital Cafeteria Dish

[Watch] Woman Claims She Found Tissue In Hospital Cafeteria Dish

When she complained, the staff allegedly said it was uncooked chicken.

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Hospitals are one of the places where cleanliness is given priority. However, recently a TikTok user shared a video of a tissue she found in her food.

According to Raagesh, this incident allegedly occurred at a hospital in Negeri Sembilan at 2pm yesterday.

In the video, she explained that she took food from the cafeteria and found a tissue in one of the dishes.

“It is said that it is a healthy cafeteria, but I got a tissue in my dish,” she said in the video.

She was there with her mother as her grandmother was admitted to the hospital.

After taking the dishes that she wanted to eat, she wanted to take a small piece of the butter milk chicken.

“Before I eat, I always want to take a small piece first to taste the dish,” she said in the caption.

So, she poked a small piece thinking it was chicken but to her surprise, she found it to be a tissue.

She complained to the staff but the staff denied it was tissue, saying that it was uncooked chicken.

“I took the thing.. ask the staff to tell the difference between the chicken and the tissue…,” she said.

In the end, the staff apologised and refunded her money.

@raagesh_0206 21.03.2024 – 2.00pm. Mak sy dan sy gi mkn kat cafeteria Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar Seremban (HTJS) sbb nenek kena admit kat wad. So terpaksa lah kami gi mkn kat sana sbb nak kena jaga nenek lepas tu. Dgn rasa lapar giler, sy gi lah ambik nasi gan lauk sbb xyah tunggu lama kann… Then, kite Kan Sebelum nak mkn Tu slalu nak ambik ketul² yg kecil dulu nak rasa² Sket… so, sy pun cucuk la ketul putih yg kecil Tu… (dengan fikiran Tu butter milk chicken) cucuk punya cucuk xleh nak cucuk… Rasa mcm getah… koyak dia Sket baru tahu benda Tu tissue… tapi nasib la Aku x mkn lagi… bgtahu staff… staff kata Tu ayam tak masak… Sy ambik benda Tu.. skolahkan staff nak beza antara ayam gan tissue… but in the end staff Tu minta maaf and refund duit la… but still sy Rasa tak puas hati… benda klu Mamak ke, kedai tomyam ke, bazar ke… kite boleh la tutup mata sket… ni hospital beb… ramai patient, anak² kecil, warga emas dtg mkn… Cuba bayangkan klu diorg kena food poisoning lagi? sbb Tu lah sy decide nak share ni kat social media… Anyways, masa nak berbuka nanti, kite faham kite dlm keadaan lapar tapi, check dulu ye sebelum mkn… mungkin ade kesalah seperti ini berlaku… Akhir skali, sy sorang rakyat biase (mangsa) mintak pihak HTJS , KKM utk mintak maaf dan sering kali menjalankan spot check di premis makanan terutamanya dlm hospital. sekian. #KKM #HTJS #kementeriankesihatanmalaysia #hospitaltuankujaafarseremban #foodpoisoning #majlisbandarayaseremban ♬ original sound – Raagesh

She urged the Ministry of Health (MOH) to conduct spot checks on the cafeterias, especially in hospitals.

Many people who saw the video were shocked and agreed with Raagesh on her request to do a spot check now and then.

Another netizen shared an experience of finding a tissue in her food before giving birth.

“Reported to the nurse and the next day I did not receive breakfast,” the netizen alleged.

This issue should be taken seriously as many people of different ages consume their meals in the cafeteria.

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