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Hotel-Like Washroom In SJKC Gets Netizens Discussing Big Donations In Chinese Schools

Hotel-Like Washroom In SJKC Gets Netizens Discussing Big Donations In Chinese Schools

The cost of renovation was contributed by the parents of the students there.

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A good environment is important for schools to provide a comfortable learning experience for students.

Recently, a Chinese school’s hotel-like washroom caught the attention of many.

The pictures of the washroom at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) Chung Kwok, Kuala Lumpur were shared on the school’s Facebook page.

The washroom was beautifully renovated and looks very clean with proper lighting to enhance the aesthetics.

It is understood that the cost of renovating the washroom was contributed by the students’ parents.

The pictures ended up on Twitter and led to a discussion of the big donations received by Chinese schools from parents.

Twitter user @MissKinkiychu shared a photo of a donor’s board saying she was surprised to see the large board displayed at SJKC Chung Kwo showing the names of guardians and several stakeholders who channeled high funds to the school.

To the surprise of many, the highest donation according to board was RM2 million!!!


With that amount, it is certain that the school can provide the best facilities for its students to learn in a good and comfortable school environment.

From our research, it was found that the RM2 million sponsorship was a donation from a non-governmental organisation (NGO) known as The Community Chest for the construction of a new multi-purpose hall.

Pic Credit: The Community Chest

‘Tip-top’ Chinese School Facilities

Going to the comment section, netizens did not expect the value of the donation to be so high.

“Many Chinese schools I have visited, they do this kind of thing, the facilities are top-notch. Transparent and in my opinion it creates a ‘sense of belonging’ to the school,” said a netizen.

Meanwhile, many were also inspired by the matter and said the high contribution of the Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) was able to provide a good learning environment for children.

A few netizens think that the big board with the name of the contributor is a common thing that you can see at Chinese-type schools.

“I used to go to Chinese school. Indeed, they have a board like this, (to show) who contributes to the development of the school,” explained a netizen.

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to criticise the parents of students who attend national schools (SK).

Some pointed out that collecting big donations would be tough as some even have issues paying the PIBG fees which stands at below RM100 per child.

“My mother told me not to complain when Chinese schools are comfortable because parents in Malay schools find it hard to even pay the PIBG fees,” commented a netizen.

Another netizen shared how Form 5 students refused to donate to their school’s new hall because they were about to leave the school and would not be using it.

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