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“Brtil La Fulu Besat Dekarang Dah Kevil” – Pest Control Man Doesn’t Discriminate, Attempts A Reply

“Brtil La Fulu Besat Dekarang Dah Kevil” – Pest Control Man Doesn’t Discriminate, Attempts A Reply

Pest control man attempts to reply a comment which got us scratching our heads.

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There are so many videos on TikTok that more often than not, some just go by like white noise.

Some however will make you stop in your tracks.

Since it’s a Sunday and there are way too many stressful issues out there, here’s something that might just put a smile on your face.

Abang “Naim Pest Control” is a pest control specialist who also finds the time to share information on social media.

While Khairun Naim Abu Bakar mostly talks about pests and how to get rid of them, recently he posted a video of himself talking about rising prices of goods.

He said this topic is something that is talked about all the time.

@khairunnaim4 #fyp ♬ original sound – NAIM PEST CONTROL

He joked that it is just like people talking every year about Arsenal winning the English Premier League (EPL).

Dia ibarat macam kita cerita Arsenal nak menang EPL la. Tiap-tiap tahun kita cerita. Arsenal nak menang EPL tak pernah menang jugak aaa sama jugak macam harga barang naik ni. Tiap-tiap tahun harga barang naik.

Naim Pest Control

Anyway, that is not why we found this story funny.

Naim went on to ask why food portions at bazaar Ramadans were getting smaller with all the price increase.

In the comment section of his video, many shared their views but it was one comment in particular that caught Naim’s attention.

He even responded to the comment with a video.

Brtil la fulu besat dekarang dah kevil apa lunya tamat mya lerniaga.

Tiktok user

Naim indulged the Klingon-like reply, joking that he “understood” what the man wanted to say and how spelling properly can get challenging especially when it’s the fasting month.

Describing Naim’s reply will not do it justice, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

@khairunnaim4 Replying to @noordinsulaiman5 haa tu lah tu.. #fyp ♬ original sound – NAIM PEST CONTROL

Another user attempted to decode the message and we think it works: “Betul la dulu besar sekarang dah kecil, apa punya tamaknya berniaga.

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