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American YouTuber Ends Up On Malaysia’s Naughty List For Odd Looking “Ayam Goreng”

American YouTuber Ends Up On Malaysia’s Naughty List For Odd Looking “Ayam Goreng”

Malaysians were annoyed to the fact that he used a generic recipe to make the ‘ayam goreng’

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Malaysians are very sensitive, and proud when it comes to food.

An American Youtuber learned this the hard way when a video he made rating fried chickens from around the world angered many Malaysians.

Joshua Weissman and two others attempted to find out “Which Country Has The Best Fried Chicken” and went on to test recipes from around the world in a video.

In the video, they rated fried chickens from 12 countries and of course, Malaysia was in there.

Our “ayam goreng” was sent into battle with Brazil’s Frango à passarinho in the first round.

The team prepared the fried chicken dishes on their set and then sat down for a taste test.

In the round where Malaysia battled Brazil, both dishes ended in a tie with 19 points but ultimately Brazil won.


Once this video went viral with 1.4 million views, many Malaysians took their opinions and anger to social media platforms.

One Carol Yong said on Twitter that Weissman did not do justice with Malaysia’s fried chicken and added that he should have sought for advice from comedian Nigel Ng or better known as “Uncle Roger”.

“You did us SO DIRTY with whatever the heck that was, my dude. Could at least have consulted MrNigelNg….” she said.


She also added pictures of what our “ayam goreng berempah” (fried chicken with spices) usually looks like.

Another netizen said that the chicken was generic.

“This is what happens when you just read a recipe but never tried how it’s served. Context is that we use pestle mortar that’s why the aromatics are rough and the marinade is fried together with the chicken for added texture,” the netizen commented.

The Food Battle

It deserves a mention that looking for the best of something requires you to obtain the item in question from an expert in the field.

It would be rather odd to find the best fried chicken in the world by googling recipes and making all the variants by yourself.

It will definitely lack the essence that makes a dish good, which is the years of experience accumulated either eating the dish or making it.

After the backlash he received, Weissman pinned a comment on his YouTube video where he apologised for the mistake they made in their research.

Normally I’m really good about this, somehow this one slipped through the cracks. We love you Austria and Malaysia and Indonesia! Sorry for the improper representation!!! Sometimes with all the regional differences even within singular countries we on very rare occasion miss stuff.

Joshua Weissman

So it appears that Malaysia is not the only naughty list they made, they seem to have angered the Austrians as well with their version of the country’s “backhendl” or Viennese fried chicken.

Weismann said the team will take another stab at the “backhendl” and “ayam goreng” to right the wrong.

Love you all, and thank you for the feedback here!

Joshua Weissman
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Joshua Weissman

Weissman discovered his passion for cooking at a young age and moved to Austin, Texas at 18 where he began his professional journey in the fine dining scene, working as a lead cook at Uchiko.

He decided to start creating YouTube videos about food and has since become a full-time self-employed individual.

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