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5 Unbelievable Items (Maybe For Raya) That Will Leave You Speechless!

5 Unbelievable Items (Maybe For Raya) That Will Leave You Speechless!

If you’re looking for ideas to burn through your cash, this list is for you.

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Would you believe it if we were to say a whole Hari Raya ensemble can out price your gold bracelet? That is if you choose to get these extravagant items to complete your 2024 Raya look.

Fashion enthusiasts are in for a shock as prices for some of these pieces reach astonishing heights.

So if your goal is to clean out your bank account and leave your friends and family speechless, here are some mind-boggling fashion pieces to consider.

Not your typical Kelantan kaftan

A one-of-a-kind Evening Silk Dress by Rianna & Nina, had netizens in a frenzy when it retailed for RM24,838.

The Evening Silk Dress promotes comfort through its design.

However, it is still quite challenging to justify its price tag.

Sinma who?

Next, a nice touch of sparkly hair clips would definitely add some spice to your Raya ensemble.

How does one from Gucci sound?

Retailing for US$519 (RM2,455), the Gucci Crystal-embellished hair clip reflects nicely. Although the price may reflect tears to an average savings account, some may consider this accessory as a necessary splurge.

Not available at MR DIY

Another accessory that caught the public’s attention is the Ambush Zip Tie Bracelet.

This bracelet priced at a staggering US$435 is approximately RM2,056.90.

Although the idea of it may seem ridiculously expensive, there are indeed people who may opt for this “subtle” piece.

At some point, you can start competing with your local aunties on their jewellery: What’s more expensive, your gold bracelet or my Ambush Zip Tie?

Tiny but mighty (expensive)

Purses and clutches are known to be a statement in one’s ensemble, and Valentino Garavani captures the attention of many with its Minaudiere Mini embellished clutch.

As beautiful as the clutch may be, loud fashion comes with a louder price tag.

Encrusted beautifully with rhinestones and crystals, this clutch will set you back €4,119 or over RM21,000.

On a side note, you can definitely consider this as a self-defence weapon with all that stone!

We’re not sure what you can fir in the bag considering it measures less than a short ruler on width, length and depth.

Hide your face, in style

An honorable mention in this list, which is an “essential” addition to your mind-boggling Raya bucket list:

“A face mask”- by Balmain.

Health should always be a priority this coming Raya, so why not do it in style?

The Balmain Logo Intarsia Face Mask retails for US$232.37 or around RM1,100.

Some may find this face mask to be ridiculously overpriced, which there is no denying that, however the saying of “health is wealth” just may make you reconsider.

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