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“One With Nature” – Boy Praying For Rain During PJ Amuses Netizens

“One With Nature” – Boy Praying For Rain During PJ Amuses Netizens

Not all students are excited about PJ or physical education.

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If you ask school students, many will definitely agree that Physical Education or PJ for short, is their favourite “subject” in school.

This is because that’s when they can rest their brains for a while by engaging in sports activities with their friends.

However, not all students are excited about PJ. In fact, some are willing to give various reasons simply to avoid being involved in sports activities.

Recently a boy who is probably not a big fan of being on the field, did not get the chance to skip the class.

Through a viral post on TikTok (@srrkhaa), a group of excited boys were seen on a school field.

@srrkhaa Dalam ramai- ramai, mesti ada sorang anak murid lain dari yang lain😂taknak pj punya pasal, awan mendung dia dah start connected dgn alam #kerenahmurid ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

If you watch the video clip yourself, it cannot be denied that the students are so active and energetic that the teachers find it difficult to control them.

While the students were having fun, there was one of them who stood by himself, staring at the clouds as if wishing for rain.

Not only that, the boy was also seen praying and raising both hands towards the sky, as though sending prayers that it would rain.

In a group, there will always be one child different from the others. Not wanting to attend a PJ class, this boy started to ‘connect’ with the clouds and nature.

TikTok user

Going to the comment section, the average public is seen amused by the behaviour of children who are willing to pray just because they want to escape from sports activities.

“He is too lazy to play sports until he prays for rain,” said a netizen.

In fact, many said that they also prayed for rain during PJ back when they were in school.

“I used to ask for rain when I was in PJ. But it was never granted,” said an individual.

Many netizens also compared the action performed by the child with football player Jude Bellingham.

@sommitsports Jude Bellingham celebrating his goal against Napoli with the fans🙆‍♂️ #judebellingham #bellingham #realmadrid #madrid #championsleague #napoli ♬ original sound – SommitSports

“He’s doing the Bellingham celebration,” explained a TikTok user.

For info, Bellingham is a professional soccer player who is currently in the Real Madrid club.

The midfielder is known for his “Bellingham welcome” where he will raise both hands up when he scores a goal.

The action then attracted the attention of the public, especially football fans. It has also become a trademark for Bellingham in the world of football.

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