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SPM Students Flood Jazz Musician Kyle Green’s IG With Negative Comments After Exam

SPM Students Flood Jazz Musician Kyle Green’s IG With Negative Comments After Exam

In the English listening test yesterday, SPM students claimed they couldn’t hear the audio clip clearly and took out their frustration on the fictional singer who shares the same name as the real jazz musician named Kyle Green.

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Once again, Malaysian students sitting for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exams are blaming an innocent victim for their poor language skills. It doesn’t help when the exam halls are usually equipped with poor-quality speakers and there’s a growing disdain to master the English language.

The current batch of SPM students sat for the English Listening test yesterday (30 January) where they were played an audio clip featuring a fictional interview with a fictional singer named Kyle Green.

The fictional interview allegedly covered the fictional singer’s personal life and his journey to becoming a music artist.

After the exam ended, some students shared their grievances online because they couldn’t hear the fictional singer’s voice clearly. It was alleged that the voice had an Australian accent, making it hard for some local students to understand what was said.

However, these students took it too far and began hunting down a musician named Kyle Green online.

They found a jazz musician named Kyle Green who’s based in Portugal on Instagram and left negative comments on his posts, blaming him for making the test hard.

The real Kyle Green responded kindly

Green took it all in his stride. At first, he was confused by all the negative messages and calls from students in Malaysia.

After figuring out what happened, he took to his Instagram Story to address the turn of events.

Green explained that as far as he could remember, he did not sit for an interview and assumed the voice in the exam audio clip was all fictional for exam purposes.

Despite being treated negatively, he wished all SPM students well and good luck in their exams. He also thanked some netizens for appreciating his music.

Based on the comments, it seemed like the fictional singer mentioned a course he undertook before becoming a singer.

Angry students asked Green what was the correct answer: Did he study law or did he become a lecturer?

Green answered one of the comments and clarified that he did neither. He has a music degree from the University of New York.

He also took time to advise someone who wanted to know how to play jazz music. He advised the person to seek mentors, saying everyone learns best by sharing with others.

After the story went viral, Malaysian netizens apologised to Green for the students’ poor behaviour. Green replied that it was alright and not to worry because he’s resilient.

Image: @kylegreenmusic/IG

Another person asked if he would consider holding a concert in Malaysia. Green said it would be fun and put it to a vote on his Instagram Story.

He received 94% votes for Yes (19,948 votes) and 6% No (1,317 votes).

Despite the negative start, it seemed like Green managed to win over some Malaysian fans with his music and positive attitude.

This story has a nice ending but..

Sadly, the immaturity of SPM students carrying over onto social media has happened before.

In 2022, a local resort in Pulau Tioman, Pahang, named Salang Sayang became a target after students sat for a Bahasa Melayu Listening test.

The students couldn’t discern the resort’s name clearly and were annoyed that they could have misheard and answered wrongly in the exams.

The students took out their frustrations by giving the resort low and negative reviews on Google Reviews.

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