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Khairul Aming’s Famous Sambal Nyet Has A Copycat?

Khairul Aming’s Famous Sambal Nyet Has A Copycat?

Sambal Nyet Khairi is still being sold on TikTok Shop by SN Khai.

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Netizens are fuming over the emergence of a product that looks like a copy of social media influencer Khairul Aming’s Sambal Nyet Berapi.

But is it a copy?

Initially, when the product which is called Sambal Nyet Khairi went viral, its Shopee link was still working. At the time, it appears 824 bottles of the sambal had been sold on the platform.

What got netizens angry was that the chilli paste was being marketed as Sambal Nyet Khairi with a red label, much like Khairul Aming’s product and the writing and general feel pretty much resembled the influencer’s Sambal Nyet Berapi.

In fact there were some reviews that said they thought they were buying Khairul Aming’s sambal but instead it turned out to be something that just looked like his packaging.

The shop selling Sambal Nyet Khairi on Shopee is called SN Khai and has been on the platform for four years. Besides the sambal, it only has four other non-food products.

However, after a few hours since we last checked the shop on Shopee, it would appear that they have removed the Sambal Nyet Khairi. The link now says “The product you are looking for does not exist“.

We checked on TikTok Shop and the product is also sold on the platform by “SNKhai”.

Based on the figures displayed by TikTok, 3,314 bottles have been sold so far.

The TikTop Shop links to a TikTok account with the same name, bearing the photo of a man wearing a suit.

The photo looks a bit odd as our tech expert pointed out it could be AI-generated based on the discrepancy near the right coat pocket.

It is not yet known who is behind Sambal Nyet Khairi.

The product has a Facebook page which was created on 31 October but when we checked earlier today, it had 0 Likes and 0 Followers.

It has since gained 3 Likes and 4 Followers.

As many have discovered the page since it went viral today, Facebook users left comments on the Page’s latest post which was in November, berating whoever is behind it for not being original.

Some hoped Khairul Aming would sue Sambal Nyet Khairi.

As at press time, Khairul Aming has yet to respond to the issue.

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