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Hong Kong Actor Tony Leung Is Back In Malaysia!

Hong Kong Actor Tony Leung Is Back In Malaysia!

The veteran actor was at The Exchange TRX for the promotion of his upcoming movie The Goldfinger.

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Yesterday’s evening was a treat for actor Tony Leung as he was warmly embraced by local fans at The Exchange TRX. Hundreds of fans queued up to see and cheer for the veteran Hong Kong actor. 

The 61-year-old who came along with director Felix Chong and producer Ronald Wong, was at the mall for the promotion of his upcoming film The Goldfinger.


The trio was indeed there to premiere the film at GSC’s brand-new Aurum Theatre The Exchange TRX. 

“Tony Leung is here! Thank you everyone for showing up to this amazing Malaysian tour of #Goldfinger! Don’t forget to catch Goldfinger in GSC this 30 December – get your tickets now!” captioned the cinema company on Facebook.

Before the Gala event, Leung held a press conference in support of the film. During the conference, he opened up about returning to Malaysia. 

“I used to travel to Malaysia a lot in the 1980s. There’s a warm feeling because returning here this time is like coming back to a familiar place and meeting old friends,” he said

He further added that he would like to try the local prawn noodles sometime soon.


Happy to see him

Fans were delighted to see the Hong Kong star at The Exchange TRX. Although they were unable to get a close view of him, many were glad to have stopped by The Exchange TRX to see him in person. 

There were some users, however, who were not aware that Leung was going to stop by the mall yesterday. Users mentioned how they would have gone or stayed back at the mall if they had known. 


Reunion of stars

The upcoming movie is said to revolve around Leung’s character Ching Yat Yin, who is the chairman of a big company in the 1980s. His company rose rapidly but collapsed due to a corruption scandal. 

This inadvertently causes an ICAC principal investigator played by Andy Lau to initiate an investigation into Leung’s character and company. It is then the pair becomes entangled in a 15-year long inspection. 

The project marked Leung and Lau’s reunion on the big screen. The last time the pair had worked together was 20 years ago on the classic Infernal Affairs trilogy. 

When asked why he took on the role, Leung revealed the movie’s storyline and the opportunity to work with Lau once more as the rationale. 


“There’s a sense of security knowing that you’re working with people you’re familiar with.

“Andy and I are good friends, and our great chemistry is built on trust. Whenever we’re on set, there’s no need for any special communication. Just one glance and we both understand each other,” he added. 

Leung then concluded the conference by expressing his hope to continue to “shoot as many films as he can and collaborate with more filmmakers in the future.” 

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