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Fancy Some KFC Pukis, Anyone? Plain Or With Chocolate?

Fancy Some KFC Pukis, Anyone? Plain Or With Chocolate?

What is the singular form of Kuih Pukis?

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“Hopefully it will be sold in Malaysia,” said a Facebook user who chanced upon a Facebook post of a dessert being sold at KFC.

The dessert? Pukis.

For 22,000 rupiah, you can get four of your favourite Pukis!

Unfortunately though for all of you giggling your way through, these Pukis are unique to Indonesia’s KFC outlets.

They are not available in Malaysia!

First of all, Pukis is a common kuih in Indonesia. The word has a different meaning here which is why it’s a little bit funny for us.

Pukis is pretty much a smaller version of what we know as “apam balik”. You can find it here too although some may have taken it upon themselves to change the name. Some call it “apam” while another seller calls it “paukes“.

It is made using wheat flour, margarine, eggs, baking soda and cooking oil.

So back to KFC’s Pukis, it does look good as it comes with different toppings including chocolate. It is available at all KFC Coffee outlets across Indonesia.

KFC Coffee is pretty much like McD Cafe over here.

In the comment section of the KFC Pukis promos, most were Indonesians saying the price was too high for four Pukis.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user wondered what the singular form of Kuih Pukis would be.

So the next time you see Kuih Pukis, you’ll know it’s an actual dessert and not just someone cursing at you.

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