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[Watch] Deaf Friends Gift Each Other Ugly Phone Cases

[Watch] Deaf Friends Gift Each Other Ugly Phone Cases

They were very creative in gifting each other with weird and ugly phone cases

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Trends on social media are ever changing. Most recently, there is a trend of buying ugly and weird phone cases and exchanging it among friends. (Yes, if you didn’t know, now you know).

In a viral video, a group of hearing impaired friends decided to try out this trend.

The idea behind the trend is to buy an ugly phone case and give it one of your friends. The best part of the trend is that the person receiving the case would not know what they are getting until they open the parcel.

This group of friends gifted each other with various kinds of weird and ugly phone cases.

Some of the cases that they gifted each other were a handbag case, a frying pan case, a drumstick case, a pistol case, a ballerina case, and a foot case.

They were all laughing joyfully when they saw what case each of them received. Later, they were chilling out at a restaurant where they showcased each of their phone cases.

The fact that they were enjoying themselves while conversing in sign language also caught the attention of many.

The woman wearing a white top also conversed in sign language.

They even conveyed their reactions using sign language.

The highlight of it all, is the woman who received the foot phone case. When she placed her phone in her back pocket, it looked like a foot was poking out from her back pocket.

Many who saw the video found it hilarious and cute.

We feel like the best case that won the trend was the foot case. What do you think, let us know in the comments.

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