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[Watch] Woman Documents Journey On TikTok Of Rescuing Puppies From Drain

[Watch] Woman Documents Journey On TikTok Of Rescuing Puppies From Drain

Kind woman rescues puppies three times from same drain.

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Stray kittens or puppies loitering around the neighbourhood is a common sight. Some extend a helping hand by feeding them while others may welcome these fur babies into their homes.

For a woman on TikTok who identifies as a “paw lover”, she went the extra mile to help a litter of puppies stranded in a drain.

According to the woman who runs the @pawwover TikTok account, they discovered the puppies at 1am.

She was worried for the puppies’ well being considering the rainy weather these days.

There were a total of six puppies in the litter and she expressed concern that they had no safe place to seek shelter. They also spotted the dam (mother of the puppies) whom she described as “very protective”.

The very next day, the woman said they immediately attempted to relocate the puppies. She was however concerned if the mother were to return and find her babies missing.

She shared that she had to crawl into the wet drain to take five puppies out.

They placed the puppies in front of her house, in hopes that the mother would come by.

The protective mother did come by, but she relocated her babies back into the drain.


Haritu we rescued puppies from longkang. But at the end, maknya bawa balik masuk longkang 🥲 tunggu part 2 ye korg

♬ Love of My Life (Live) – rifky aden

The woman said she rescued them out of the drain once again and placed them in a cage with the help of the people in her neighbourhood.

She placed the cage in her house and cared for them but the next morning, the puppies escaped AGAIN as the cage was not properly shut.

Fortunately, the puppies were found again. However, this time around there were only four puppies because according to the woman, the other puppy might have been taken away by the mother while she was cleaning the covers used by the puppies.

Currently, she is waiting for the people from My Stray Rescue to catch the mother and find them a better home.

@pawwover Sambungan part 2. Sekarang tgh tunggu bantuan dari @mystrayrescue ♬ Love of My Life (Live) – rifky aden

From both the videos, the puppies appeared apprehensive of humans but her determination and love for animals may lead to them having better lives.

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