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Beyonce’s Green PAS-Like Photo Amuses Malaysians

Beyonce’s Green PAS-Like Photo Amuses Malaysians

The singer’s aesthetic seems to resemble PAS’s logo in the photo.

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A picture of superstar Beyonce is going viral among local Twitter users online. The picture, which was shared by her Renaissance World Tour fan account, has amassed hilarious reactions from users for resembling the PAS’s logo. 

As seen in the picture, Beyonce can be seen in green latex and leather, lying down while holding a white light ball. Though the photo was not shared directly by Beyonce’s account, it was shared by a fan dedicated to promoting the tour. 


Hence, it gained attraction online, with many liking the post. But while it did not strike any strong reactions from international fans, Malaysian fans had a ball with it as it very much resembles PAS’s party logo. 

The replied section was flooded with PAS memes, flags, and jokes.

Even activist and lawyer Azira Aziz, joined in the fun saying, “It’s a reference to Malaysian right-wing conservative Islamic political party’s flag, PAS. It’s green with a big white round shape.” 


The owner of the fan account, however, was confused with the replies. Assuming that the owner was not Malaysian, the account administrator did not understand the joke. The admin indeed asked fans the meaning behind it all. 

“What do the comments under this post mean?” tweeted the owner. 

From the looks of it all, it was clearly a coincidence that Beyonce’s outfit reflected PAS’s party logo. But who knows, this may be a sign from the universe that Queen Bey may just be visiting Southeast Asia for the upcoming tour!

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