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TikTok’s Iconic “Tube Girl” Is Actually Malaysian!

TikTok’s Iconic “Tube Girl” Is Actually Malaysian!

Sabrina Bahsoon, known as the ‘Tube Girl,’ attributes her inspiration to Malaysia’s warm weather and tranquil environment.

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For those who reside at a distance from their destinations or lack private transportation, public transport often becomes the primary choice for commuting.

However, long rides on the LRT or MRT can sometimes become tedious. To alleviate boredom, many commuters resort to their mobile phones or listen to music.

But have you ever encountered an individual creating TikTok videos while using public transport?

Girl’s TikTok Videos Gain Popularity on London’s ‘Tube’

Sabrina Bahsoon has a distinctive way of passing her time while travelling on public transport in London, United Kingdom.

@sabrinabahsoon Personally i think I’m slaying and trusssttt nobody cares #tubegirl shoutout to all the people who say hi while i made the videos – you make my day 🥰 #tubegirleffect ♬ sexy ass cars – fräns ✱

It may be hard to believe, but she confidently produces numerous videos within the crowded ‘tube’ carriages, all while recording on her mobile phone.

These are not ordinary videos; she can be seen dancing to the rhythm of her preferred songs.

Some of her videos have gone viral globally, amassing 15.3 million views at the time of writing this article.

@sabrinabahsoon Gotta match the vibes when i arrive #londontiktok #nickiminaj ♬ where dem girls at – fee✩

Netizens Impressed by Her Confidence

It is safe to say that most netizens admire the self-assuredness of this young woman. Not everyone dares to create such videos, especially in front of a live audience.

Some may wonder if she ever feels self-conscious after filming her TikTok videos.

After all, many commuters watch her recording TikTok videos while dancing in the carriage.

Nevertheless, she absolutely slays it!

Many Embrace the ‘Tube Girl’ Trend

After the viral success of several of her videos, she has been dubbed ‘Tube Girl’ by netizens. If you search ‘Tube Girl,’ Sabrina Bahsoon’s name is sure to appear.

@shafiqaazami Tube girl version mrt #tubegirl #fypシ #xyzbca #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #fy #fyy ♬ greedy tate mcrae unreleased – babytatie1

As the ‘Tube Girl’ trend continues to gain momentum, several Malaysians have also displayed the courage and confidence to create similar videos while using public transport.

@amirulsatar_ confident >>> #tubeboy #tubegirl #keretapisarong23 ♬ greedy tate mcrae unreleased – babytatie1

Sabrina Bahsoon AKA ‘Tube Girl’ Is Actually Malaysian

In case you’re curious, Sabrina is a Malaysian who spent her formative years in her home country. She relocated to London at the age of 16 to pursue a law degree at Durham University.

Moreover, her upbringing was significantly influenced by Malaysia’s warm climate and peaceful surroundings.

Sabrina is known as an energetic individual unafraid to engage in activities that some might consider ‘unconventional.’

@sabrinabahsoon And you guys really make it fun 😈@JuicyCoutureUk #tubegirl ♬ original sound – habz.fx

Observing that many are now following the trend of making videos in public, Sabrina hopes that young women out there will gain more confidence and pay less heed to societal judgments.

The ‘Tube Girl’ is now receiving numerous offers from renowned brands and the world of modeling, including MAC Cosmetics, London Fashion Week, and invitations to Paris Fashion Week.

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