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Girl Gets ‘Surat Cinta’ From Schoolmate, Netizens Point Out Boy Has Good Grammar

Girl Gets ‘Surat Cinta’ From Schoolmate, Netizens Point Out Boy Has Good Grammar

A young boy penned a nicely worded letter to his friend.

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A mother recently took to TikTok to share a letter her daughter received from one of her schoolmates.

The cute part of this whole story is that the girl is only 10=years-old, and the eloquent young man in question is also the same age.

What attracted the attention of netizens upon viewing the video shared by @the.senahhotzzzz was how the boy’s grammar was almost perfect.

The entire note was written in English and was his way of telling the girl he fancied her. It was also written by hand, on a piece of paper. Very retro.

Note that the young man did not say he loved her, but just that he liked her.

In the video, the woman starts off by holding a paper folded in half.

She was then heard saying, “Our daughter got a love letter, daddy, wait let me read.”

The boy starts of his letter by saying he really liked the girl and identifying himself.

“I have feelings for you. I know that you already liked someone else but I still like you.

“This is kinda like a confess (sic) but if you reject me it’s okay,” the boy, obviously wearing his tiny little heart on his sleeve, wrote.

While his grammar is commendable for a boy his age, his mannerisms as evident in the words he wrote should also be applauded.

He may be young but he was able to acknowledge the fact that it was okay if she rejected him.

The mother was clearly amused by the whole situation as she took to sharing it with her followers.

To the young man, if you’re reading this, do know that this was written to celebrate your big heart and warm ways. May you grow up to be a fine gentleman.

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