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92-Year-Old Grandpa Transforms Into Fashion Model – Thanks To Grandson

92-Year-Old Grandpa Transforms Into Fashion Model – Thanks To Grandson

The grandson made his grandfather’s long-term dream of becoming a fashion model come true.

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When we think of modelling, we often associate the occupation with youth. This is because both male and female mainstream models are expected to be young, or at least, project a certain level of youthfulness. 

Yet, this does not always hold true as many older models have proven that age is just a number. This 92-year-old grandpa is one such individual. Thanks to his grandson, Song Thye, the nonagenarian has been taking TikTok by storm with his modelling chops. 

From sporting an oversized blazer to a black turtleneck, Song Thye’s grandpa has proven to be a natural in front of the camera. 


But how did it all start? 

Song Thye, a Singaporean photographer, had previously joined a photography competition. And during one of his brainstorming sessions, he had an idea of featuring his grandfather for one of his photoshoots. 

Since Song’s grandfather had been following his photography profile on TikTok, Song thought it would be fun to feature him. 

“When I mentioned that, his face lit up and he was visibly excited about the idea,” said the photographer who taught his grandfather how to use TikTok,” said Song during his conversation with SAYS


And what is even more surprising, the pair did not struggle to land on a theme for the photography session. In fact, they both concluded it to be after the hit TV series, Peaky Blinders. 

To why this is, Song’s grandfather is a big fan of the show, enamored especially by the styling of the characters. This is why he was dressed after them. 

But apart from the glamorous aspect, the shoot was also meant to serve as a bonding tool between the two. Ever since the passing of his grandmother, he noticed his grandfather has been bored at home. 


Hence, he wanted to find ways to include his grandfather in the family’s hobbies. 

“I wanted to involve him in more hobbies, and taking part in something like this, letting him try something new, is just what I thought would be suitable,” noted Song.

Next Internet sensation? 

Of course, since the modelling shots of his grandpa surfaced on the internet, many netizens have fallen in love with him. The TikTok clip, for one, has gained over 100,000 views cumulatively. 

Online users have also expressed their awe for him. One user, for example, praised how Song’s grandpa is able to make “every road his own” during his photoshoots. 


Another stated how he “looks hella good” for a 92-year-old man. 

While another user simply requested this to be a regular thing on Song’s social platform, writing “more dress up content with grandpa!” 

From the looks of it, it is safe to say that Song’s grandpa is definitely a pro when it comes to modelling. His success should serve as an inspiration and reminder to us that we are never too old to pursue our dreams.

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