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Man Fired After Issues With Employer, Which Includes Taking A Dump During Working Hours

Man Fired After Issues With Employer, Which Includes Taking A Dump During Working Hours

According to the worker, the company is also unwilling to provide him with a termination letter as evidence of the reason for his dismissal.

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Every worker is bound to face disciplinary action or termination from a company if they commit a significant offence or are involved in a crime.

However, who would have thought that a male worker from Sabah would receive a dismissal notice with such an unreasonable cause?

Receiving a dismissal notice for using the restroom during working hours

Through a post on a Facebook page, the individual, who is also a crane operator, expressed his disappointment with his employer’s action of firing him because he took a dump during working hours.

He felt the reasons cited by his employer were unreasonable and he wanted to seek opinions from other Facebook users regarding the issue.

“Is there anyone working in the Labor Department who can help explain this to me? An engineer wants to terminate my employment without any reason. He asked me to quit my job by August 31 (from yesterday), which is a one-month notice.

However, according to the agreement in the company, the stated working period in the contract is one year, from June 12, 2023, to June 25, 2024.

“When I asked for the reasons behind my termination, the given explanations were not logical at all. There were no warning letters or anything,” Kosmo reports.

A misunderstanding turned into an argument and then a dismissal notice

According to him, before receiving the notice, there was indeed a misunderstanding between him and his employer, which led to a minor argument between the two of them.

“Actually, this morning (yesterday), we had a disagreement. He got angry at the workplace because I used the restroom during working hours.

When I had finished my business, he told me to find another job because August 31 (yesterday) was my last working day. I was taken aback. I didn’t know anything about it, and suddenly, this happened,” he further added.

The company is unwilling to provide a letter stating the reason

Furthermore, the terminated worker also asked his employer to provide a letter stating the reason for his termination, to prove the cause of his dismissal. However, the company is unwilling to do so.

However, based on our recent scouting today, his original Facebook post was already deleted.

Report to the Labor Office if employers are not being fair

Nevertheless, a little advice that we can give to anyone facing such an issue is to go to the Department of Labor and make a complaint there. Remember! As a worker, you also have the right to speak up.

Regardless of whether you are an employer or an employee, the Employment Act of 1955 is a labour legislation that provides a comprehensive legal framework covering matters such as salary payments, rest days, public holidays, termination of employment contracts, and more.

So do recognize your rights and don’t let your employers step on you.

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