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Dr Mahathir Is Very Active On Twitter With “Short And Sweet” Posts On Race

Dr Mahathir Is Very Active On Twitter With “Short And Sweet” Posts On Race

DrMahathir has been actively sharing his thoughts on race.

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Between 26 July at 10.23am and today at 3.01pm, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad posted six tweets, all talking about race.

The titles of his tweets, in chronological order, were: 3R Laws, Race, Multiracialism, Malaysia A Malay Country, Who Owns The Country and Definitive People.

The posts are all “short and sweet” but judging by the criticism directed at him, safe to say the content is not.

In his most recent post, Dr Mahathir who served as the prime minister of this country twice, remarked that migrants who wish to continue their linkage with their countries of origin cannot claim ownership of this country.

According to him, migrants who identify with the definitive people, have full rights in this country.

So who are the definitive people?

It appears the answer can be found in tweet number 4 posted on 27 July at 1.24pm.

Dr Mahathir said Malaysia is not a multi-racial country, and is a Malay country which hosts people from other countries.

(We can’t help but think of big sports tournaments. For instance, when Paris hosts the Olympics, they are playing host to athletes and delegates from other countries, so these athletes and delegates are not the ‘definitive people’ of France.)

Back to Dr Mahathir, he said many countries host people from other countries, but these countries remain the land of the definitive people.

Since he said Malaysia is a Malay country, it is safe to assume that to Dr Mahathir, the Malays are the definitive people of Malaysia. So we’ve answered that question.

Getting back to ownership, we’ve established so far that migrants who identify as Malays (definitive people) have full rights in this country.

Before he spoke about migrants and ownership, Dr Mahathir, in tweet number 5, said owership of a country changes only with conquest or permanent colonisation.

The former Langkawi MP who lost his deposit in the last general election asked if Malaysia has been conquered or colonised by the migrants and their descendants. According to him, Singapore has.

“But the Malay states and the Borneo states have not been conquered. They remain the countries of the indigenous definitive people,” he said.

So what is Dr Mahathir actually saying with nomination day for six state elections less than 24 hours away?

Actually, we have no idea, but if you do, hit us up, we’d like to know.

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