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TeamTRP Experiences What It’s Like To Be Spies, But Some Of Us Got “Caught”!

TeamTRP Experiences What It’s Like To Be Spies, But Some Of Us Got “Caught”!

This is not your typical hide and seek, it’s a chance to live out your dream of becoming a spy.

breakout spygame review

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Hollywood has always made spies out to be intriguing and cool. Anyone who grew up watching James Bond wanted to be a spy.

Obviously many of us did not realise the dream but did you know that you can still “live out the dream” with SpyGame?

It combines the two elements; physical and senses as well as your thinking skills as you need to solve clues as you go along.

TeamTRP was recently given the chance to experience being a “spy” to complete a mission at SpyGame Breakout’s The Curve outlet.

breakout spygame review

Besides having three other puzzle-based Breakout escape rooms and a horror-themed escape room called Hauntu, SpyGame is Superdough’s newest addition to the surreal escape game experience.

It’s a game that combines both physical activities and brain puzzles for you to get out of the room. Only for a max of 30 mins, 2 to 7 players can play this game with five different missions to choose from (from beginners to advanced).

All in all, you have to: SNEAK, HIDE, DISGUISE.

Be A Spy – TeamTRP Spy #1

I did not become a spy because I realised I’d have to be physically fit and ready to jet across the country at a moment’s notice, something my 29 cats would frown upon.

So when there was a chance to play a spy at SpyGame, I jumped at it.

The game was structured to give players a feel of solving clues to get out of a sticky situation. To give it a more thrilling feel, they threw in a guard who would throw you in “jail” if you get caught. After getting caught the second time, I was cursing the guard but that made the adventure even more exciting.

breakout spygame review

What deserves a mention is that this adventure makes for a good bonding experience. You’ll need to rely on your teammates to complete the mission. Going at it solo or attempting to ditch your mates won’t work despite Bond making it look like he went at it alone. All in all, we had a good time laughing and cursing and dodging the guard in order to get things done.

Childhood Dream Come True – TeamTRP Spy #2

From my childhood I have always been fond of spy movies and adventures stories such as Indiana Jones and James Bond. I have always had this fantasy of what it will be like to be a spy.

When the opportunity presented itself through Breakout’s SpyGame at The Curve, I too, like Spy #1, jumped at the opportunity.

Upon arriving at the place, my excitement grew, and I could not wait to try out my first mission as a spy. Together with my team of exceptionally talented spies from TRP, we were given one mission to complete.

The mission was filled with puzzles and clues that were scattered around the place which we had to discover with the very little light that we had from the torchlights. The epic part for me was the fact that we had to be very silent as there will be a guard roaming around and if you get caught, then it is jail time for a minute.

Therefore, we had to be fast, discrete, and very careful. All of our senses had to be on alert just like a spy and we had to “sneak, hide or disguise” if the guard starts to roam around.

Being a tall person, it was not that easy for me to hide and I got myself jailed THREE times!

Yes, I am not a very good spy but hey it is my first mission.

Nevertheless, it is a game for all the adrenaline junkies out there to try out. Trust me, in this game, the infamous Indy or the OO7 in you will definitely come out.

Not Your Typical Hide & Seek – TeamTRP Spy #3

I initially thought this was a game of hide and seek, like the ones I’ve been playing with my nieces, which is well, play-pretend and only fun for kids.

But little did I know, being the one who hides in this game is absolutely nerve-wrecking, I almost had a few mini heart attacks! It was so intense!

To win the mission (which we didn’t manage to do), you need to listen carefully to the briefing by Agent K as well as the instructions given on their mobile app.

The puzzles are quite easy to solve but if you’re a slow-witted player like I am, you might need help from your intelligent teammates to crack the code. Your observation skills come in handy too when you have to scan the whole room to look for clues.

For me, the main thing that made the game so exciting was the NPC who played the daunting guard. One wrong move and you’ll trigger the alarm, which then will call the guard to make the rounds and try to capture you.

That’s when you have to use all the things around you to hide – closets, tables, whatever cloth you can find. Three of us even had to squeeze in a tiny closet while trying so hard to suppress our laughter and avoid getting caught.

If the guard finds you, then you’ll have to spend a minute in jail, which is not the end of the world. We had a lot of get-togethers in there, honestly.

If you love Kim Possible, James Bond, and Mission Impossible, you might wanna give this escape room a try.

They even have gadgets and outfits for props which makes you feel like a real spy! My tip is if you wanna win the game, be very careful of the decisions you make as you might accidentally sabotage your own game.


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