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[Watch] Freedom! Young Girl Attempts School Escape By Climbing Through Gate

[Watch] Freedom! Young Girl Attempts School Escape By Climbing Through Gate

A young girl played it cool before squeezing through the school’s gate and making a run for it.

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School students run away from school for various reasons. It could be due to reasons such as boredom, the fear of being punished for not finishing the homework, or simply to enjoy the thrill of escaping and getting away with it.

While we don’t know the reason for this young girl’s “prison break,” her breakout attempt was caught on video.

In the video, a young girl could be seen walking along the school gate calmly before making an attempt to climb out.

When her first attempt failed, she tried again at another section of the gate, successfully squeezing through the grille, tumbling over on the other side, and making a run towards freedom. The poor school teacher wasn’t fast enough to stop her in time.

Fortunately, two school security guards managed to stop her and brought her back to school.

She looked so glum when one of the guards carried her all the way into a classroom.

Netizens jokingly said that the girl got her license to “fly” early since most of them attempted to run away from school when they were in Form 1.

A netizen said the girl was lucky because she was found by security guards instead of someone with malicious intent. They praised the guards for acting fast and for bringing her back to school.

It also emphasised the importance of having good security guards stationed at schools.

The girl’s attempt to run away from school also triggered netizens to recall their schooling days.

One of the netizens shared their memorable experience as a school prefect who had to stop their younger sibling and cousin from running away from school.

Netizens were also amused at the sight of the guard carrying the young girl in her arms back to school.

Despite the hilarity, the incident also brought up the security of the gate as the gaps between the metal grille were still wide enough for a child to squeeze through.

Thanks to the little escapee, the gate’s security flaws were demonstrated with video evidence. Hopefully, the school will look into it to improve the current security.

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