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Malaysian Men Lose Out To Singapore In The Age-Old Battle Of ‘Does Size Matter’

Malaysian Men Lose Out To Singapore In The Age-Old Battle Of ‘Does Size Matter’


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So there’s a study out there which ranks countries according to the average size of… well, men’s penis.

We figured amidst all the political news, heartbreaking viral videos or serious statistics that fill your timeline, why not something to heat up the debate that never gets old.

No, we’re not talking about the boring ‘does size matter’ debate. While this is about that, in a way, this is peppered with the ‘Singapore vs Malaysia’ angle.

According to World Population Review, citing a study from World Data Info, Singapore and Malaysia have both made the top 10 list of countries with the smallest erect penis length.

Infographics credit From Mars

Cambodia tops the list at 3.95 inches (erect) and Malaysia is at number 9 with 4.52 inches. Singapore (surprisingly?) is at number 10 with 4.54 inches which means their men beat our men by 0.02 inches.

How big is 0.02 inches? Because over here we have evolved and have adopted the metric system, unlike our friends over in the United States, 0.02 inches is just 0.05 centimeters. You can barely note that measurement on a normal ruler.

But, we can be gracious about it. Singapore wins by 0.05 centimeters. We’ll just drown our sorrows in some good Malaysian food.

Anyway, back to the penis ranking, in the average global penis size, Malaysia sits at number 79 (yes, Singapore is ahead at 78) with Ecuador taking the number 1 spot. Apparently, their average penis size is 6.93 inches (erect).

The average erect length worldwide is 5.54 inches.

Website From Mars zoomed in and looked at the United States which sits at number 59 with an average erect size of 5.35 inches.

Based on keyword searches, they found those in the District of Columbia as being the most worried when it came to their penis size. In 2021, there were 8,170 searches for penis-size related questions.

Do note that the list was put together by combining data from smaller-scale, regional studies which may not have had the same parameters, said World Population Review.

They advise readers to take the ranking ‘with a grain of salt’.

According to From Mars, the “data relies on self-reporting” however World Data Info said they evaluated the results of numberous studies and “wherever possible, sources were skipped when they were based on self-reported measurements”. There were also cases where a country only had a few dozen test subjects, which means it’s not actually a representative survey.

All in all, take it with a smile.

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