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These Yeezy Shoes “Look Like Gyoza And Pasta”, Gets Flak For Being Ugly

These Yeezy Shoes “Look Like Gyoza And Pasta”, Gets Flak For Being Ugly

Kanye West’s Yeezy designs once again raises eyebrows.

Anne Dorall

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Although the Yeezy 450 Sulfur was first released on 7 May 2022, the yellow wave-soled shoes with knit body recently rekindled attention when a Yeezy fan account asked for public opinion about the shoes.

The retail price for these shoes is $200 (around RM887), but can reach over $300 (around RM1,330) in resale prices.

Naturally, like all public opinion, people were quickly divided.

Most people were quick to call the shoes out for being an ugly design, likening it to various kinds of food.

Most popularly, the shoes were likened to pasta, although others also claimed its similarities to dumplings, croissant, butter, and more.

Of course, some came to the shoe’s defense

Others loved the shoe designs, claiming that it was very cool and comfortable.

Not the first odd design

This isn’t the first design that has raised eyebrows, of course. With Kanye West as the face of the brand, Yeezys are known for their outrageous shoe designs and secretive release dates, which feeds into their hype status.

Most collectors do not actually wear these designer shoes, but instead like to keep them on display, much like an art piece.

The Yeezy 450 Sulfur worn on the feet.
(Credit: Adidas)

Others swipe the shoes to resell at the higher price while banking on Yeezy’s brand name and exclusivity.

Still, whether or not you’re a personal fan of the shoes, fashion is fashion… not style.

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