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[Watch] 2 Motorcyclists Helped ‘Tow’ A Woman’s Car To The Side Of The Road With Their Feet

[Watch] 2 Motorcyclists Helped ‘Tow’ A Woman’s Car To The Side Of The Road With Their Feet

They helped to push the car to a safer location with their motorcycles and feet.

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A woman was stranded in the middle of the road near the traffic lights in Permatang Pauh when her car couldn’t move.

As it stands, staying still in the middle of a busy road is dangerous to both the stalled driver and the other motorists around them.

Fortunately, a motorcyclist Shafiq Yusof (@arepitbezza452) passed by the same road and came up with an ingenious way to help the woman to safety.

@arepitbezza452 Aku xkaya, tapi aku usaha cara nak bantu takat mana yang mampu.. #fyp #fypシ #rider #hondaex5 ##towing #pencintaduaroda #1malaysia ♬ LOTUS – FORCEPARKBOIS

With just his trusty Honda motorcycle, he tried to push the woman’s car with his hand and leg so they could move the car to the side of the road.

At first, the car didn’t budge but he was soon joined by another motorist who helped to push the other side of the car with another foot.

Together, both motorcyclists managed to push the car to the side of the road where the woman could wait for help in a relatively safer place.

Once she was safe across the road, both motorcyclists went on their own way.

Netizens loved to see the random acts of kindness from two ordinary citizens and praised both motorcyclists.

They thanked Shafiq and the other motorcyclist for helping the woman in any way he could and wished the best of luck to the both of them.

Some netizens shared that they have also received help from kind motorcyclists when they were in trouble on the road. There were also times when they helped other stranded drivers the same way too.

In response, Shafiq was grateful and reminded everyone to help others in any way they can.

It’s heartwarming to know that there are kind and good people around to help when we find ourselves in trouble.

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