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Daughter Wins Prize In Cottage Industry Competition, Dedicated To Preserving The Legacy Of Her Father

Daughter Wins Prize In Cottage Industry Competition, Dedicated To Preserving The Legacy Of Her Father

She persevered against her father’s wish, and the result is a nice and pleasant cup of delicious coffee.

Fernando Fong

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Women who have a good relationship with their fathers are blessed with fond memories when they grow up.

Such is the case for Jerrine Teo, who was never pressured into following her father Teo Choon Fung into coffee making, but his passion organically became her own.

She spends most of her childhood days in Sungai Pelek helping her dad roast coffee beans and packing them for kopitiams in Klang and neighbouring towns.

Teo, 29, graduated in culinary arts and mostly worked in the food and beverage industry outside, as her dad wanted his children to lead a much less arduous life.

My dad, who inherited the family business from my grandfather, was working hard a lot, as roasting coffee at home can be difficult, so my mum looked after my siblings and I but we helped him with the tasks which are less physically demanding such as coffee grinding.

Jerrine Teo to TRP on continuing her father’s legacy

Teo, the youngest among 3 siblings in this business, said her dad opposed initially when she and her sisters decided to help him fully.

Over time, her father who is now 68, relented as he saw his daughter having a fun time learning and exploring different flavours with the same raw material.

He wanted us to pursue our own interests and hoped we’ll work in the comfort of a modern day office – leading a less arduous way of life. In other words, he wants to lay a foundation of security, trust and love for his daughters.

Jerrine Teo to TRP on her father’s passion becoming her own

On Sunday (9 January), Teo and her family won a silver medal in the BAIKSelangor 2021-2022 Premium Pack competition.

The Teos with their award-winning new village coffee. (Credit: fernando Fong)

Organized by the Selangor New Village Development Standing Committee with the full support of the Selangor state government, BAIKSelangor 2021-2022 is the first-ever contest of its kind which was promoted and accredited by Selangor State Government.

Selangor executive councillor Ng Sze Han presented the prize to all 35 teams in the pioneer batch of “BAIKSelangor (2021-2022), including the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist of Innovation and Veteran categories.

Other winning products incldue instant bak kut teh, jellyfish and hot pot chili sauce.

The Power Of Brand Story Telling

Ng said the competition aims to elevate the design of products and interesting brand stories, which are some of the key elements to stand out and shine in the market. 

He pointed out that the new village is not only an important cultural asset of the Chinese but also an important cultural asset of Selangor and even the whole of Malaysia.

Just like Malay kampung and other traditional delicacies, products and other local characteristics, these are the pride of Malaysians, said Ng. 

Many beautiful values ​​come from tradition and by making good use of brand story marketing, creative design, and local connection, we will surely be able to transform more new village products into new village ambassadors.

Selangor executive councillor Ng Sze Han on enhancing new village products through brand story telling

The Selangor State Government and Corporate CSR have allocated a total of RM 132,000 in the form of cash prizes, products requisition and service awards.

Furthermore, with accreditation from the Selangor State Government as “BAIKSelangor (2021-2022)”, this is a contest that walks through the whole journey of entrepreneurship, transformation, sustainable brand management with the new village start-up and company.

The “BAIKSelangor (2021-2022)” campaign poster. (Credit: P Lab)

A Promising Path For Socio-Economic Growth

The event has garnered support from abroad, with TownWay Taiwan, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology and Smile Taiwan as its strategic partners.

Workshops and sharing sessions were conducted virtually and helped in promoting BAIKSelangor products to the international market. 

Ng added that the state government is committed to discovering good local produce, good products, good stories, actively engaging locals and creating global bilateral relationships between cities.

By doing so, we will be able to revitalize the sunset industry, drawing and attracting the younger generation to live and explore careers.

Selangor executive councillor Ng Sze Han on attracting milennials and Gen Z to cottage industry

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