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TikToker Cooks Edible Straws With Ice-Cream To Make “Carbonara”

TikToker Cooks Edible Straws With Ice-Cream To Make “Carbonara”

We bet you didn’t know that pasta can be made with straws.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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We all have different pasta preferences to cook with our sauce, right? Whether it’s fettuccine, angel hair, regular spaghetti, macaroni, or more.

However, TikToker @kumpenghan made a bold video by cooking a carbonara with… straws and ice cream.

And netizens have a lot to say about it.

In the TikTok video gardening around 650 K views with around 50 K likes and 2.5 K comments currently, this user showed us a step-by-step process in making the quirky meal.

From the sourcing of the main ingredients to the simmering of the sauce, this is an in-depth tutorial.
Credit: @kumpenghan / TikTok

Starting off with getting the abundance of straws at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf along with a drink, the user then stopped by Mcdonald’s drive-thru to get one sundae cone.

Next, some garlic is sauteed with ground beef and salt. Then, in comes the whipping cream and milk, like your regular carbonara sauce.

The TikToker then added the said ice cream along with some pepper. Gave it a gentle stir, and the sauce is done.

This is where it gets exciting. The user then showed the process of unwrapping the CoffeeBean straw packet, one by one for about 15-20 straws. Then they are boiled and strained. Pasta’s ready.

We don’t come by this every day now do we? Interesting idea.
Credit: @kumpenghan / TikTok

Finally, the creamy sauce is then poured onto the purple pasta and the meal is served presentably.

For the call to action (CTA), the TikToker told the viewers to follow this particular TikTok and wait to see part two of the video for the ultimate taste test.

The netizens are in awe with this user’s rendition of ‘saving the turtles carbonara’. Some expressed their concerns while some just find it amusing.

“It’s like watching a kid play with dirt,” a TikTok user commented along with other stunned comments.

Some are horrified by the combination of ingredients.

“Lah, it’s flat rice noodles (Laksam),” joked one netizen.

Some users also expressed worries about how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is going to react to this.

Besides a disagreement on the way the straws were taken, a person also sided with the peculiar but could-work combination of ice cream with carbonara sauce.

“Honestly, I don’t really mind the ice cream… because I sometimes put chocolate in my curry… honestly, it tastes so good… it’s like a Mexican twist a bit”. Now, this is fascinating.

There actually IS pasta shaped like straws called Bucatini, but we’re not sure this is what the Italians had in mind.

Experimenting with food can be fun sometimes. Peculiar recipes can either go surprisingly good or terribly wrong. It’s either of those two. It’s like throwing a dice.

Watch the full viral TikTok video of the “Carbonara Pasta” here.

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