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“Double Standards?” Malaysians Compares Panasonic ‘Rambutan’ Video To Libresse ‘Flower’ Packaging

“Double Standards?” Malaysians Compares Panasonic ‘Rambutan’ Video To Libresse ‘Flower’ Packaging

The Panasonic video ad was promoting the brand’s men’s hair trimmer.

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Malaysians were seen debating online over an ambiguous video advertisement published by Panasonic Malaysia that made references to the male reproductive organ.

The ad titled “Trim Your Rambut-an” was made to promote the home appliance brand’s men’s body hair trimmer and featured two local favourite fruits as a stand-in for what’s obviously testicles.

“Bro, don’t let your Rambut-ans get out of hand. Get silky smooth like a lychee with our Panasonic Men’s Body Hair Trimmer for those tough to get to spots all over your body,” note the ad’s caption.

The innuendoes marketing campaign apparently triggered netizens to make a comparison between the ballsy ad and the vulva flower motif that was presented as a limited-time campaign promotion by the feminine hygiene brand Libresse Malaysia.

Remember? Libresse’s vulva flower design on their packaging for sanitary pads drew a lot of criticism, especially from the more religious factions of our society, for supposedly being obscene and disrespectful towards women.

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While some did raise a concern that people were being biased between the two double entendre ads.

A few commenters did agree that some Malaysian marketing moves were getting a bit lewd.

Others however were of the opinion that there was absolutely nothing immoral with both Panasonic’s testicle campaign and Libresse’s vulva themed creatives.

While most were more interested in other things…

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