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Malaysians Have A New Disgustingly Cute Obsession With Toothpaste

Malaysians Have A New Disgustingly Cute Obsession With Toothpaste

The caps are supposedly made from food-safe plastic.

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Brace yourselves, Malaysians have found themselves a minty-fresh obsession with disgustingly adorable toothpaste caps.

Twitter user Haffiz, garnered a lot of attention when he posted a personal product review of a very peculiar 3D printed toothpaste cap that he recently bought off Shopee, in the shape of the popular Pixar animated movie character, Shrek the Ogre.

What the cap does is replace the original cap that came with your tube of toothpaste and makes the paste come out of Shrek’s backside.

Haffiz’s post was later accompanied by another product unpackaging video posted by user ikki, who had bought himself a similar product in the shape of Disney’s most recent money-making fictional character, Baby Yoda (or Grogu for the rest of us dorks).

Needless to say, word of mouth had crowned the product into the next hottest item on netizen’s to-buy list.

Apparently one of the stores which sell the product found themselves swamped with new orders, not realizing how viral of a trend the caps were becoming.

According to one seller on Shopee, the cute caps are 3D printed from food-safe PLA plastic and fits perfectly on regular-sized toothpaste that you can buy over the counter.

Variations of weird toothpaste caps have also been popping up on TikTok as netizens from around the world share their collection of paste excreting characters they’d purchased or 3D printed themselves.


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