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Malaysia Please Don’t Throw Away Your Used Cooking Oil, Do This Instead

Malaysia Please Don’t Throw Away Your Used Cooking Oil, Do This Instead

An eco-friendly way to make a quick buck.

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Waste not, want not was the theme of this Twitter thread as user Ikhwan Nazri advocates for Malaysians to dispose of their used cooking oil the correct way, while making a few bucks in exchange.

Making a trip to one of Alam Flora’s Buy Back recycling centers, Ikhwan shared that he made RM4.40 just from recycling 4 kilograms of used cooking oil.

Ikhwan’s eco-friendly Tweet also got netizens curious about how they can equally make money out of recycling their wastes, as well as getting other environmentally cautious Malaysians to share their own recycling practices.

Most people wouldn’t think much of used cooking oil, and many of us would be guilty of simply disposing of it into the garbage bin or pouring it down the drain.

But, as convenient as it is to toss away that leftover grease from last night’s dinner, disposing of used cooking oil in such ways can cause untold damage to property, the environment as well as your wallet.

Oils that are poured down drains can clog up pipes, cause drains and sewers to stink from bacteria growth, and interrupt wastewater treatment services.

Moreover, any materials that are improperly disposed of would ultimately end up in the ground, rivers, and oceans to pollute the planet.

Used cooking oil as it turns out, can be well… quite useful! Just like any other recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, in the right hands, the waste product can be reused and repurposed into other things.

It can be used in composting and agriculture, and can also be recycled into valuable biodiesels to power vehicles, and even made into household products like soaps and candles.

How to Dispose of Cooking Oil The Right Way | GreenCitizen
Simple steps on how you can properly dispose of used cooking oil.
(Green Citizen)

For those of you who would like to jump along into the recycling-bin (pun absolutely intended), a simple Google search would reveal available recycling centers managed by local waste and environmental management agencies such as Alam Flora and others, near you.

But if you’re already oiled up to get to recycling, Ikhwan also recommends that people check out this article by Tajira for a list of available recycling facilities across the country, HERE.

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