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Watch UM graduates dance to their scrolls [VIDEO]

Watch UM graduates dance to their scrolls [VIDEO]


After the recent controversial move of a UM graduate protesting during his convocation, the university enters the spotlight once again – this time for a more light-hearted reason.

Twitter user, Izhar Fahmie, the official photographer of the convocation ceremony, posted a video of students from the UM Faculty of Art and Culture dancing on stage before receiving their degree scrolls.

It was then learned that these are dance students and that their dean has applied for official permission for them to do so every year.

“Only dance students from the school of Art and Culture is allowed to do so. Their dean requests for permission (from UM) every year .”

The video has garnered mixed reactions from the netizens.

Some of the Twitter users joked about how hilarious it would be to pay homage to different courses on stage.

“Animation graduates need to do a Naruto run hmmm”

“So Mathematic graduates need to click on their calculators while taking their scrolls?”

A few of them are concerned about the photographer who has to wait, should there be hundreds of graduates. 

Others are plain unsupportive about it, deeming the gimmick inappropriate and done in poor taste. 

“No respect at all”
“It’s as though they have no manners”

Check out the video for yourself :

This was not the first entertaining convocation video that went viral. Back in 2017, an MMU graduate got so nervous on stage, he walked right past the chancellor without taking his scroll!

No matter what the reaction was to this video, you can’t deny that being a student is when you experience the best years of your life! Enjoy it while it lasts, and end it with a bang!

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