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Another car spotted driving against flow of traffic; Myvi on the MEX Highway [Video]

Another car spotted driving against flow of traffic; Myvi on the MEX Highway [Video]

It seems that cars driving against the flow of traffic is becoming more and more common in our country.

Just last month a Perodua Alza was spotted doing exactly that on the MRR2 highway in Ampang.

Yesterday, a Perodua Myvi was spotted speeding against the flow of traffic on the MEX highway.

Picture credit: Facebook

A dashcam recording of the vehicle was shared on social media and the video quickly went viral more than 1k comments and over 400 shares.

Social media users criticised the driver for both driving the popular car model and for their irresponsible road behaviour.

Picture credit: Facebook
  • “How can these people drive the wrong way? Is there something wrong with their brains that they don’t know which direction to go? They just confidently drive against the flow with pride. JPJ please revoke their licence and ban them from driving”
  • “We should assume good things. Maybe he pressed the flying button but then it malfunctioned after he ascended six feet into the air surpassing the height of the divider and then fell back onto the road on the other side. To cover his embarrassment he just kept driving”
  • “This car model always somehow manages to cause some kind of trouble”
Picture credit: Facebook
  • “It’s like Malaysia’s Ferrari right?”
  • “These people who drive against the flow of traffic, are their brains upside down? They’re getting worse”
Picture credit: Facebook
  • “How did they manage to pass their driving test? Oops, I forgot. Even ICs can be bought nowdays, it would be even easier to get driving licenses. We’re so unlucky”
Picture credit: Facebook
  • “I really want to know what is going on in their heads that they can drive against the flow of traffic.”
  • “It’s okay if you drive against traffic flow. Just use these two words to get out of it in Malaysia..
    1) I’m sorry
    2) OKU”

Not much is known about the incident at the time of writing.

You can watch the full video below:

We at TRP urge all our readers to follow road rules, avoid driving against the flow of traffic and stay safe!

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