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Penang lecturer calls tardy student to come for class, Twitterjaya swoons

Penang lecturer calls tardy student to come for class, Twitterjaya swoons

Anne Dorall

A lecturer from Politeknik Seberang Perai went viral recently when she called a late student and convinced them to come to class.

You’re only late for half an hour, you can still make the other half hour.

You live nearby, so just come.

But be careful while riding your motorbike, don’t rush.

Puan Saadah on the phone call with her student

Twitterjaya fell in love with her for how motherly and understanding she was.

This is what we call educator.

Lucky for her children who have a wonderful, thoughtful, and loving mother. Thank you for being such a good & caring lecturer. Respect.

Of course, many netizens also fondly remember their lecturers who didn’t share the same tender loving care for students…

So nice that the lecturer asks him to “be careful on the motorbike, don’t rush”

My lecturer: if you’re not here within 5 minutes, I’m dropping your subject.

I was only 15 minutes late. The day before, I was tired and needed my inhaler. Then in the morning, this is what the lecturer said. I quit.

Of course, many netizens also urged often-late students to buck up and get disciplined.

When you get a lecturer like this, appreciate it by changing your attitude. Don’t come late everyday after that.

If you do not come, please inform them; if you are late, apologize; and if the lecturer is willing to give you a chance AND educate you, please open your mouth to say thank you.

Having a strict lecturer isn’t a big deal. They just don’t want students to get used to a culture of being late even in a working environment.

You have to be strict to establish discipline. If you keep coddling and defending people who are always late, they will always take advantage of these lecturers. I believe the Japanese are advanced because their citizens are very disciplined and punctual do not do this.

Malaysians are notorious for being late, hence the many jokes we have regarding “Malaysian Timing”.

So well-known, it’s the first autofill on Google Search.

In fact, it’s to be expected that Malaysians will be late for almost everything, even business meetings, with a handy excuse of “jam la bro“.

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