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Teen picking up rubbish at Pavilion KL goes viral for PSA on public cleanliness

Teen picking up rubbish at Pavilion KL goes viral for PSA on public cleanliness

It’s no big secret that most Malaysians aren’t too keen when it comes to public cleanliness.

Sure we’d have a couple of the classic gotong royong sessions to spruce up the neighbourhood every now and then. But for the most part, we’ve all been guilty of either turning a blind eye on the mess we see around us or the cause of the problem ourselves.

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Having enough of this il-litter-acy rate, a couple of homegrown gents took it upon themselves to clean up after an unconcerned society.

Through a video posted on Twitter, user durk attempts to educate the public on proper public etiquette.

The 1-minute clip shows the cavalier cleaners picking up garbage littering the steps of the Pavilion mall in KL, while several onlookers oddly gawked by.

(Image Credit: Screenshot via Twitter)
(Image Credit: Screenshot via Twitter)

After gaining their bounty of junk which consisted of scraps of paper and empty drinking containers, he effortlessly threw it all away in a garbage bin.

The video cuts away with the citizen watchdog reminding everyone to take better care for the planet.

“Humans need to clean the earth. NOW!”

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Posted on July 27, the stinging PSA had since received 400,000 views.

It wouldn’t hurt to slowly start picking up the garbage we see laying around us right?


With the threat of the global climate crisis looming on, people from all over the world have already begun to realize the importance of keeping the Earth clean.

An online phenomenon called the “Trashtag Challenge” had even taken root to promote and educate the globe on the ongoing litter problem.

#trashtag has the simple premise of calling upon the public to clean up after any mess that they’d encounter and post “before and after” pictures of their work.

Would you take on the Trashtag Challange?

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