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Can you guess what position Econsave is looking for based on their Twitter post?

Can you guess what position Econsave is looking for based on their Twitter post?

PSA: Econsave Malaysia’s official Twitter account is hilarious and you should start following them now (#NotAnAd #EconsavePlsSponsorUs)


Recently, Econsave posted a tweet advertising a vacant position at their company. Their social media manager explained that they didn’t have much time to prepare a poster for the position. Hence, they put two pictures together and asked Twitterjaya to guess what the position might be.

In the tweet thread, they dropped a couple of hints in the form of the job’s description.

Twitterjaya loved it!

“HR Dept, please give this guy a promotion and increase his allowance too. So creative!”

“Cc boss HR #eh”

“Why is the social media admin for Econsave so kelakor (funny)”

“Hi. You must be from Melakau (Melaka)”

Some took advantage of how responsive the social media manager was and asked some other questions.

“From looking at the pictures, it seems like a chef would be suitable”

“Nooo, if you look from the job description, there’s no way it could be a chef”

“That’s why I said from looking at the pictures mbak (brother)”


“Can you guys open an Econsave in Perlis please”

Serious answer: I’ll bring this issue up to the relevant department”
Less serious answer: If we open one in Perlis, people in Kedah will be able to see it from their houses”

“Admin, are there any other vacant positions available?
I won’t demand such a high salary. Just enough to pay the dowry of a woman who has a bachelors degree, CGPA unknown”

“Hi. At the moment there are no other vacancies. If there are I’ll let you know yeah.
*Not gonna say anything about women, not like we can win that argument anyway*”

“I’m a history graduate. Can I apply for this position?”

“Hi Mat Pening, do send your resume our way. History may be written if you make the cut!”

“Why are you so funny hahahahahaha”

“Hai Mat Pening, looks like you got a crush here. Please unmention me if you’d like to continue the conversation.”

“I said you’re the funny one”

“Yes, I know. Was giving Mat Pening false hope on purpose. Kah!”

“Hai. How did I become a victim of circumstance?”

Did you manage to figure out the answer?

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