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Are you dating a ROBOT?

Are you dating a ROBOT?

Akmal Hakim

Malaysians are totally woke when it comes to the online dating scene. Ask most couples on how they met, and you’ll find that the pretty common answer would be “Online”.

The dating game has changed a lot over the years, and with more and more people joining in hoping to swipe away in search of that one-true love, the question of “is the person I’m talking to even real?” often pops up.

While the fear of being catfished and scammed is definitely a real… now it seems that there might also be the danger that the person you’re wooing might JUST be a ROBOT?


A programmer in China recently made news after it was discovered that he had developed a chatbot to have conversations with his girlfriend.

Chatbots are virtual assistance programs which allow its users to simulate human interaction, usually used by major brands and companies in terms of customer support.


Abacus News reports that the man had come to the genius solution to develop the program to stand in for him, running 24/7, to promptly respond to his girlfriend’s every text and query on WeChat.

The bot was even sophisticated enough to play dumb when the girlfriend was catching up to the whole rouse…

Screenshot of the girlfriend’s conversation with the bot
(Picture Credit;
Abacus News)

The girlfriend also had surprisingly been exchanging around 300 messages with her A.I lover.

Apparently, the boyfriend had no ill intentions in trying to trick his girlfriend but was merely looking for a more tech-savvy solution to his love-life after noticing that he’d been neglecting his girl due to a busy work schedule.


The kantoi came when the girlfriend noticed that things were getting a little fishy when replies were coming in way faster than usual.

(Picture Credit: imgflip)

The man’s romantic answer to his problems was brought to light after his post (which since been deleted) on Chinese-microsite Weibo caught the attention of amused netizens.

(Picture Credit: Chatbots Magazine)

Guess when things seems too good to be true, best to see if there might be a robot pulling on your heart strings.

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