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Who would pay an intern RM33,475 a month?

Who would pay an intern RM33,475 a month?


Many of us have been there, and some might right now be the newbie intern working 9-to-5, but only being paid peanuts!

According to Jobstreet and Glassdoor, Malaysian interns earn anywhere from RM300 to RM1,000 monthly.

Peanuts also more expensive.

But it seems like things are a fair bit better in the United States of America.


A team of economic research analysts at job-site Glassdoor in the U.S. have just released their list of the highest paying entry level jobs and internships there.

The lowest intern salary in Glassdor’s list makes $4,167 (RM17,433) a month. Double the median pay for fully employed people aged 20 to 24 years old.

Shockingly, at the top of the list is Facebook which is paying their interns as high as $90,000 (RM376,596) a year.


Good news for all those in the technology sector because 70% of the top 25 highest paying internships are at tech companies.

Second in line are the finance and consulting industry with Bank of America cracking the top 10 list.

Oh, and even Uber is listed!


Top 25 highest paying interns in the United States of America.

(Pay shown as per month)

25. Boeing $4,167 (RM17,433)
24. Dell $4,333 (RM18,127)
23. Genentech $4,500 (RM18,826)
22. KPMG $4,500 (RM18,826)
21. PwC $4,500 (RM18,826)
20. Cisco Systems $4,667 (RM19,524)
19. Deloitte $4,667 (RM19,524)
18. Tesla $4,667 (RM19,524)
17. EY $4,825 (RM20,185)
16. SAP $4,833 (RM20,219)
15. Intel Corporation $5,000 (RM20,918)
14. Visa Inc. $5,167 (RM21,616)
13. Viasat $5,333 (RM22,311)
12. Goldman Sachs $5,367 (RM22,453)
11. J.P. Morgan $5,667 (RM23,708)
10. Bank of America $5,833 (RM24,402)
9. Apple $6,667 (RM27,29285892)
8. Capital One $7,000 (RM)
7. Bloomberg L.P. $7,000 (RM29,285)
6. Uber $7,167 (RM29,983)
5. Microsoft $7,250 (RM30,331)
4. Google $7,500 (RM31,377)
3. Salesforce $7,667 (RM32,081)
2. Amazon $7,725 (RM32,324)
1. Facebook $8,000 (RM33,475)

On top of having great pay, these companies are home to some of the coolest offices in the world.

Amazon’s HQ in Washington consists of spheres.
(Pic Credit: Reuters)
Facebook’s HQ office in California is truly an art work.
(Pic Credit: Newsroom)
One of the working spaces in Microsoft Office HQ in Washington.
(Pic Credit:

Don’t worry Malaysians, some of these companies even exist in Malaysia, like the famous Google Malaysia office in KL Sentral.

Google Office in Malaysia
(Pic Credit: Human resource online)

So what else Malaysians, send your resumes to them!


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