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Here’s The Most Important Tip To Really Know Your Child

Here’s The Most Important Tip To Really Know Your Child

Here’s a cheat sheet: kids love pasta.

Anne Dorall

Parents pride themselves on knowing their children, but kids grow up so fast that oftentimes parents are surprised that their little baby is no longer a baby – they have their own thoughts and ambitions and interests.

So how do parents keep up at all? How are parents supposed to remind themselves that their babies don’t stay babies for long?

You probably already know this, but in case you don’t, it’s pretty simple: just talk to your kids.

Kids love talking, especially to their parents. The difficulty here is listening to them (because let’s be honest, life is busy), but if there’s a window of time to truly listen, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn something new about your kids.

The best time to do so, for obvious reasons, is dinner time with the family.

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According to Stanford Children’s Health, eating together as a family has many benefits, such as promoting sensible eating habits, encouraging open communication, building self-esteem in children, and learning respect.

When else will you learn about your kid’s first best friend, their new interests, or even their ambitions in life? When else can you foster a relationship built on trust so your child learns to trust and confide in you in the future?

Parents know this. But life gets in the way and makes things difficult. Sometimes it’s just easier to get everyone to a restaurant for food. Sometimes you just want to dive into your phone and block out the world. Sometimes you’re simply too tired to cook.

Well, here’s a cheat sheet: kids love pasta. It’s almost guaranteed that they would love a wholesome pasta meal, which you can easily prepare with PREGO’s range of products.

Spaghetti bolognese? Can’t go wrong there.
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Some parents might worry for their child’s diet, but the truth is, dietary needs for growing kids are different from adults. While adults might balk at carbohydrate-heavy meals, children need the sweet and starchy food to fuel their rapid growth and development and high energy needs. Pastas, being a versatile dish base, is a perfect way to introduce healthier options to kids, such as mushrooms, fish, chicken, and even (gasp) brussel sprouts. 

Should you be dealing with picky eaters – well, the key to overcoming that is in the pasta sauce. A plate of pasta is only as good as the sauce that goes with it. You can also easily find delicious and wholesome pasta sauces from the supermarkets should you not have time for it. PREGO is a good choice as their sauces are made from high quality ingredients, following traditional recipes but with a fresh twist to appeal to even the pickiest kids.

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And you know what’s better? Pasta is really quick to make, and it’s simple enough that even older children can assist you in the kitchen – making it an additional way for you to bond with your child! The process is simpler and kid-friendly with PREGO, all you need to do is:

  • Cook it;
  • PREGO it; and finally
  • Serve it!

Don’t believe us? These kids might change your mind:

This video was made possible with PREGO pasta sauces. Check out their website for pasta tips and recipes to make your bonding moment a special one.

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