Malaysia’s youngest minister has been working really hard since he came into office in 2018.

As a strong proponent of #YouthPower, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, Youth & Sports Minister, is especially active on social media.

However, there’s one particularly interesting method of his that’s caught our attention.

His close-up front camera videos.

Every time there’s an issue that riles up Malaysians, Syed Saddiq’s close-up videos will be there to ease our worries.

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Since it’s been happening quite a lot lately, we dug deep into the internet to present 9 times Syed Saddiq got uncomfortably close to the camera to solve our problems.

1. Announcing paid internships for govt departments

2. Bringing in Go Jek to address youth unemployment

3. Sharing a sweet story of Raja Permaisuri Agong during the great “deactivated Twitter account saga”

There’s a special guest appearance by Syed Saddiq’s mum too!

4. Dropping by for a heart-felt Merry Christmas wish while celebrating Malaysia’s unity

5. Letting his youthful glow shine while speaking up against raising the retirement age from 60 to 65

6. Reminding us to stay healthy & move more

7. Dropping some exam tips for nervous SPM students

8. Inviting riders to his home during the Foodpanda strike

9. Singing to us for Merdeka Day

We’re not the only ones who’ve realised Syed Saddiq’s affinity for his front camera, though.

Almost every video is followed by comments on the extreme close up.

Translation: “Im blushing with your face so close to me.”

Although, his flawless skin has also managed to spark some curious skincare addicts.

There you have it! TRP’s exploration of 9 times Syed Saddiq got uncomfortably close to the camera to solve our problems.

Let us know which close up is your favourite on TRP’s Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram!

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