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Netflix TV show features rambutan as “alien fruit”

Netflix TV show features rambutan as “alien fruit”

Tasneem Nazari

We get that some tropical fruits can be rather funny looking, but alien looking? We’ve never heard that one.

Yet, a new sci-fi series recently debuted on Netflix has apparently featured a rambutan as an “alien fruit”.

The incident was viral on social media after Twitter user @hash_1993 shared a short clip of the fruity scene online.

According to several reports, in the scene from “Another Life”, two characters from the show are bewildered by a strange alien-looking fruit meant to be from an alien moon.

However, any Malaysian or Southeast Asian would instantly recognise the “extraterrestrial fruit” as a rambutan being as it’s fairly common in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Malaysians and Indonesians poked fun at the fact that the common fruit was featured in the American TV show.

“My house is on the moon”

“There are tonnes of these at the market, why go all the way to the moon?”

If you’re like us and bewildered at the fact that the guy is rubbing the fruit on the woman’s lips, apparently the pair on the show wondered if the rambutan was poisonous or if it might have side effects, and so the duo were rubbing the fruit on their skin and then when nothing happened they moved to the lips.

Did you know?

The rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a fruit native to Southeast Asia which grows in a tree that can reach up to 27 meters.

Picture credit: Pinterest

The rambutan got it’s name from the Malay word for hair (rambut) due to the golf-ball-sized fruit’s hairy appearance.

The hairy fruit is highly nutritious. Rich in fiber, vitamin C, copper and smaller amounts of other nutrients, it may offer various health benefits including improving digestion and boosting immunity.

So, go and have yourself a little bit of the “alien” looking fruit today!


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