Not many people may be aware that Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, beloved wife of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, is actually quite the adept violinist!

Picture Credit: The Star

In fact, the 92-year-old had been an avid player during war years but stopped for 60 years before picking up the instrument again in 2018.

Despite the many years of silence, it looks like her skills are not too rusty.


The nonagenarian has been polishing her skills under the tutelage of Endang Hyder, the Malaysian violinist who vent viral for her covers of hit songs.

Endang shared a video of their practice session on Twitter, calling the maternal figure a good student.

She also praises Dr Siti Hasmah for her punctuality and eagerness to practice, making sure to understand and remember the form of each song.

The video is undeniably adorable with Dr Siti Hasmah earnestly playing Saloma’s iconic ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ song before fumbling a little at the end.

Original Image via @chedetofficial/Instagram

Of course, the internet took notice, and many were impressed by Dr Siti Hasmah’s dedication to the string instrument.

Translation: Tun is so cute

Given the popularity of her initial tweet along with multiple requests, Endang shared another video of their practice session. This time with them playing P. Ramlee’s ‘Getaran Jiwa’.

Not bad right? Just goes to show that age is no barrier!


(After 60 years, Siti Hasmah plays the violin again for PH)

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