How are you going to balik kampung when bus and flight tickets are running out?!

Don’t worry, Hazmi Dimasyq Group has a better solution, if you can afford it

Their new Raya promotion, ‘Balik Raya Elak Jem’ helps you cut your 8 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bahru to only 3 hours of travel by air!

All you need is about RM30,000 for 6 people, for a ONE-WAY trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu.

So let’s just set a side some spare change for that shall we?

We spoke directly to Hazmi Hanipa, 31, owner of Hazmi Dimasyq Group and he feels that they might even make this promotion an annual affair.

Since, there has been high response to their ‘promotion’.

They can also fly to Penang and Pahang in 2 hours, if you like. Though they don’t fly to East Malaysia for now.

So how many of you would try it out?

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(Orang Kelantan paling ramai sewa helikopter balik raya)

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