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Audi E-Tron Finally Arrives In Malaysia

Audi E-Tron Finally Arrives In Malaysia

Malaysia is the first country in SEA to get the E-tron directly from the Audi production facilities in Europe.

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The introduction of electric vehicles (EV) has taken the world by storm. Many major car manufacturers have joined the bandwagon in releasing EV cars. Along with them is the renowned German manufacturer Audi.

Audi launched its full-electric E-tron range in Malaysia recently at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. A total of 5 cars from the E-tron range were launched including the SUV, sportback and grand tourers.

According to Erik Winter, the Managing director of PHS Automotive Malaysia, the number of EVs sold in 2022 increased by a factor of ten over the year before in Malaysia, reaching close to 3,000 units.

He also stated that they are already expecting record-breaking sales in 2023.

Moreover, the brand manager of Audi, Suresh Dorai stated that Malaysia is the first nation in Southeast Asia to get the E-tron directly from the Audi production facilities in Europe, and this is the largest product introduction for Audi in Malaysia.

Audi Q8 e-tron SUV

Pic By Keran/TRP

Audi launched two SUVs in the E-tron range which are the Q8 E-tron advanced 50 and Q8 E-tron S line 55 for the Malaysian market.

These cars come with dual motors for the all-wheel drive terrain which puts out 340ps and 664Nm of torque for the Q8 advanced 50 while the S Line 55 quattro produces 408ps and 664Nm of torque. Both the cars use a 2-2-stage ratio planetary gearbox with a single gear.

The E-tron advanced 50 quattro can reach 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds with peak torque available from virtually a complete stop, while the more powerful version can reach the same speed in 5.6 seconds.

Pic By Keran/TRP

On all kinds of surfaces, the electric drive offers the quattro qualities of strong traction and driving stability. These consist of the power and the 4-stage electronic stabilisation control (ESC) system, which work together to provide balanced handling.

When it comes to the design, these cars have the first ever expressive single frame mask and an inverted grille. The single frame projector illumination on the Q8 E-tron S line 55 also contributes to the new brand’s distinctiveness.

Pic Credit: Audi

The Q8 E-tron S Line 55 quattro has an exclusive feature which is the Digital Matrix LED headlights that utilise ground-breaking DMD (digital micromirror device) technology to illuminate the road in high resolution. Intelligent management of the light and its spread is made possible by a tiny chip with over one million micromirrors, each of which may be altered up to 5,000 times per second, lighting critical areas and blocking off less significant ones.

Pic By Keran/TRP

The only model in Malaysia with Virtual Exterior Mirrors is the Q8 E-tron S line 55. The Virtual Exterior Mirrors use tiny cameras to record the rear views on both sides, making them more portable than traditional mirrors that use reflective surfaces. A real-time view is offered via the 7-inch OLED screens (1,280 x 800-pixels), which are located next to the dashboard on both sides.

Pic By Keran/TRP

As for the battery, the Q8 E-tron 50 has the capacity of 95kwh while the S line 55 has the capacity of 114kwh. The batteries have an indirect cooling system which allows it to keep the temperature of the batteries at optimum level despite the hot temperatures in our country.

Long service life is enhanced by sophisticated heat management, which also optimises charging time. The 95kWh battery can be charged from 10% to 80% using a quick CCS (combined charging system) connector in about 28 minutes, while the 114kWh battery can be charged in about 31 minutes.

A range of 123 kilometres can be attained after ten minutes of charging at a DC fast-charging station. The actual time will depend on the DC charger’s output; the E-tron 50 can handle up to 150kW of power while the E-tron S line 55 can take 170kW.

The Q8 E-tron’s electronic chassis platform has adaptive air suspension with regulated damping as standard equipment. With a ride height range of 76mm, this enables adaption to a variety of road conditions.

The body can be lowered up to 26mm while driving for improved stability and aerodynamic performance. Ground clearance can be increased when driving in Offroad mode over tougher terrain from 35mm to 50mm.
With all these features, the car is priced at RM383,990 and RM474,990 respectively, excluding the addition of the Audi Assurance Plan.

Q8 Sportback E-tron

Pic By Keran/TRP

With a stunning, streamlined profile created for increased aerodynamic efficiency, the Q8 Sportback E-tron presents a sportier appearance.

The Sportback E-tron, like the avant-garde Q8 E-tron SUV, features the newest electric design language, including the expressive Singleframe mask and inverted grille, as well as the two-dimensional four brand rings and this also comes with the Digital Matrix LED headlights.

The S line 55 of this version also comes with the Virtual Exterior Mirrors.

The Black Package, which includes stealthy black exterior trim and solely red brake callipers, enhances the Q8 Sportback E-tron’s more assertive aesthetics.

The sporty model, a trend-setter in the premium electric SUV segment, features an efficient drivetrain with high charging performance and a large battery that allows it to travel up to 600 km on a single charge.

Pic By Keran/TRP

The Q8 Sportback E-tron boasts strong electric motors on the front and rear axles to offer quattro all-wheel drive. The Sportback E-tron S line 55 produces 408PS and 664Nm of torque, whereas the Sportback e-tron advanced generates 340PS and 664Nm of torque.

The Q8 Sportback E-tron’s electronic chassis platform has adjustable sports air suspension with regulated damping in addition to electric quattro all-wheel drive. The Sportback E-tron provides outstanding driving dynamics in all situations because to its low centre of gravity and nearly ideal 50:50 weight distribution, which are caused by the positioning of the battery system.

Pic By Keran/TRP

The car accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds while S line 55 can finish the same sprint in 5.6 seconds.

High-voltage, high-density lithium-ion battery packs with ample storage capacity are used in both variants of the Q8 Sportback E-tron for increased range.

At the same time, intelligent thermal control reduces charging time. For instance, under ideal conditions, a fast Combined Charging System (CCS) requires roughly 28 minutes to charge a 95 kWh battery from 20% to 80% and about 31 minutes for a 114 kWh battery.

These cars are priced at RM389,990 (E-tron advanced) and RM484,990 (s line 55) excluding the addition of the Audi Assurance Plan.

Audi RS E-tron GT and E-tron GT quattro

Pic By Keran/TRP

Since the appearance of the Audi Rs E-tron in the Marvel Saga, the Endgame, many wanted to have the car which was the choice of Iron Man and now it is up for grabs in the Malaysian Market.

It comes with a purposeful design which allows the drag coefficient of the car down to 0.24. A benefit of this incredibly low wind resistance is that it lowers energy consumption, which increases range.

The E-tron GT’s lighting components are three-dimensional sculptures with a dynamic personality and digital aesthetics.

Maximum illumination is provided by the standard matrix LED headlights, while the addition of Audi laser light in the E-tron GT quattro with Dynamic Package and the RS E-tron GT doubles the high beam’s range.

Pic By Keran/TRP

Intelligent light distribution will prevent glare for approaching vehicles. Dynamic arrow segments that grow towards the outer create an unmistakable visual identity on a sculpted light strip across the back. Dynamic turn signals are stretched out flat under the taillight signature, and the rear lights are totally made of LEDs.

The electric motor in the front of the RS E-tron GT delivers 175 kW (238 PS), while the motor in the back may produce up to 335 kW (456 PS). The front and rear electric motors of the E-tron GT quattro each produce 175 kW (238 PS) and 320 kW (435 PS), respectively.
When driving in harsh conditions, the driver can switch on reserves in both electric motors. The RS E-tron GT’s output can briefly surge to 646 PS and torque can reach 820 Nm in boost mode (through launch control).

In boost mode, the E-tron GT quattro’s output is increased to a maximum of 530 PS for about 2.5 seconds, while torque is increased to 640 Nm.

The E-tron GT quattro accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, while the RS E-tron GT completes the same run in 3.3 seconds at maximum output. The E-tron GT quattro can go no faster than 245 km/h, while the RS E-tron GT can attain a high speed of 250 km/h.

Pic credit : Audi

The E-tron GT utilises the same permanent 4-wheel drive quattro technology that Audi pioneered more than 40 years ago. With drive torque supplied electrically across the axles, continuously, fully variably, and around five times faster than with a mechanical quattro drivetrain, it is now presented at a new, interesting technological level.

Different body heights are possible with the adjustable air suspension that is standard on the RS E-tron GT. The body is lowered by up to 10mm up to 90 km/h, and then by an additional 12mm at 180 km/h. A lift mode that lifts the body by 20mm to clear obstacles or when driving up steep inclines can also be engaged by the driver.

Although the RS E-tron GT has a controlled rear- axle differential lock, the E-tron GT quattro employs an open rear differential. The locking range for this is 100% variable, ranging from 0% to 100%.

With models like the E-tron GT, drivers will also appreciate having the expressive sporty sound backdrop that is associated with high performance. Electric vehicles are known for their nearly silent operation. With E-tron sport sound, the car’s performance is accurately conveyed and timed to the pace of travel.

Pic By Keran/TRP

Speakers both inside and outside the automobile produce the high-quality digital sounds. The driver can choose the sound type with the Audi drive select system, choosing from nearly inaudible in the efficiency profile to a forceful, sporty, and voluminous statement of a GT.

They are priced at RM587,990 for the E-tron GT quattro and RM666,990 for the Dynamic Package model.

The most expensive RS E-tron GT starts at RM792,990. All costs do not include the addition of the Audi Assurance Plan and are on-the-road only.

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