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Too Much Kiwi Fruits At Home? Here’s 5 Ways To Use Them In Your Malaysian Pantry

Too Much Kiwi Fruits At Home? Here’s 5 Ways To Use Them In Your Malaysian Pantry

Kiwi fruits can be made into both sweet AND savoury dishes!

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Have you ever convinced yourself to buy a big box of delicious-looking fruits to kickstart a healthier journey then realized belatedly that there’s only that many fruits you can eat in a sitting everyday, leaving you with a fridge of fruit that teeters on spoiling?

Yeah, same.

But not to worry, because when Sweeki sent a big box of kiwi fruits, they also gave us plenty of ideas on how to use the fruit in delicious ways to keep things… fresh. (Pun intended.)

Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Kiwi Salsa

Did you know that the addition of kiwis makes an excellent salsa due to their tart sweetness? Neither did I, but I’m happy to have been enlightened.

Kiwis in salsa are surprisingly delicious.
(Credit: TRP)

Kiwis lend an obvious fruitier and sweeter overall taste to the salsa, but it still goes great with tortilla chips or as a refreshing side. In fact, those who find regular salsa too strong or biting might enjoy a sweeter, zestier version with kiwi-based salsa.

Here’s a recipe for kiwi salsa that you can try.

2. Kiwi as meat marinade

It’s no surprise that kiwis are packed full of nutrients and vitamins (it’s a delicious fruit, after all), but did you know they also contain a compound called actinidin, which is a kind of natural digestive enzyme?

Not only does it help improve your digestion, it also works on its own, which makes it an amazing meat tenderizer resulting in soft, tender meat when you cook it. Just one kiwi is enough to tenderize 1kg of meat, so marinade sparingly.

The easy way to “trick” picky eaters into eating something they aren’t keen on is to pair it with something they DO like, like grilled meat.
(Credit: Everything Zoomer)

Similar fruits such as pineapples, papayas, and mangos also have the same compound, which is why these fruits show up in meat dishes.

It’s not just because they taste great, but they also tenderize the meat with bright flavours, making it perfect for the barbecue grill!

Here’s a recipe for a barbecue grill featuring kebabs prepared with kiwis.

3. Kiwi as meat sauce

Kiwis blended with some oil and seasoning makes a great sauce to be paired meat, especially light meats that carry flavour well such as chicken, fish, or prawns.

The best kinds of dishes are the ones that look super impressive and taste like you slaved over a kitchen stove for hours, but in reality only took you like half an hour.
(Credit: Sweeki)

All it really takes is some time to fire up the grill (or the pan) to cook your meat, blend your sauce, and you’ve got a perfect snack or dinner appetizer that will definitely impress your friends.

Here’s a recipe for kiwi sauce and grilled fish.

3. Kiwi tarts

They look like flowers!
(Credit: TRP)

Fruit tarts are a pretty popular, often featuring various cubed fruits together in a dessert crust. However, a kiwi tart featuring only sliced kiwis arranged like a flower is something particularly special, not just because it looks amazing, but also due to its taste.

With the kiwi tart, there’s a sole focus on the fruit. High quality kiwi fruits will be able to show off their fresh, sweet, and zesty flavours, heightened by the sweet custard and all held together with crumbly crusts.

Here’s a recipe for a kiwi tart with lime curd filling.

5. Kiwi yogurt cups

Okay, so admittedly this would work for more of less any fruit, but kiwis deserve a special shoutout when paired with plain or greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey.

Crumble on some granola or oats for a healthy, crunchy texture too!

It’s healthy AND it’s dessert. Win-win.
(Credit: Envato)

The Sweeki brand kiwis that I tried were really sweet and light on the zest, making it quite a delicious topping on yogurt for added nutrition and vitamins, but still sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Will you try any of these recipes? Share your thoughts with us via TRP’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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