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Korean Premium Strawberries: New Experience For Fruit Lovers

Korean Premium Strawberries: New Experience For Fruit Lovers

Five varieties of strawberries are now in the Malaysian market.

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When it comes to Korea, one thing that all Malaysians are familiar with is the K-pop culture. However, moving forward, Malaysians will also remember Korea for its strawberries.

That is because five premium types of Korean strawberries were launched here recently by the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation and the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

The five premium strawberries are Kuemsil, Sulhyang, King’s Berry, Vitaberry, and Snowberry.

We had the chance to taste all five during the launch at the Sunway Resort Hotel.


Pic Credit: Keran Raj/TRP

This variety of strawberries is also known as the “apple of the eye.” It has a distinct sweetness to its flavor that is enhanced by a faint peach undertone. A stunning and unforgettable taste experience, this variety embodies the ideal mix of natural sweetness and subtle hints.

When you bite into the strawberry, you can feel the juiciness of the fruit dancing on your taste buds. It has a good firmness and good shape to it and the acidity of the fruit is well balanced with the sweetness of the fruit.

We were offered a strawberry truffle, which was made from Kuemsil strawberries, and the fruit enhanced the dessert to a different dimension.


Pic Credit: Keran Raj/TRP

Sulhyang has a conical shape, great juiciness, soft pulp, and a brilliant red color that perfectly balances sweetness and acidity. This type is said to provide a symphony of tastes, with the interaction of acidic and sweet notes making for an incredibly enjoyable and unforgettable taste.

Sulhyang also offers the succulent taste that one would expect from a strawberry.

To experience Sulhyang, we were treated to a panna cotta.

King’s Berry

Pic Credit: Keran Raj/TRP

The King’s Berry, which resembles the monarch of strawberries, is twice as big as a typical strawberry and provides a decadent treat. A delicious trace of a subtle peach smell adds to its attractiveness, and its smooth and sweet texture rounds out the sensory experience of this regal fruit.

When one bites the fruit, it is so soft that it almost melts in the mouth. Eating the fruit was a new experience that no other type of strawberry could offer.

For this, we had the flan and the softness and sweetness of the King’s Berry enhanced the taste of the flan cake.


Pic Credit: Keran Raj/TRP

Being dubbed the “idol of strawberries,” this cultivar lives up to the moniker with a vitamin C level that surpasses 30 percent of ordinary strawberries. Beyond its delicious flavor, Vitaberry is a healthy treat that offers a balanced option that combines enjoyment with health advantages.

This strawberry is perfect for those who prefer sourness over sweetness from the fruit.

A strawberry tart was served and the acidity from the fruit was pleasantly transferred to the dessert.


Pic Credit: Keran Raj/TRP

A strawberry with a snowflake-like delicacy! The Snowberry, which has a delicate pink shell and a spongy white inside, gets its name from looking like snow. Beyond its alluring look, this variety promises a nuanced flavor profile that combines a smooth, velvety texture and a hint of sweetness to take the tongue to a flavorful winter paradise.

The nuanced flavor of the fruit elevated the flavors of the misu desert that we tried.

Korean Premium Strawberries

The Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation and the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs have introduced premium Korean strawberries to Malaysia, marking a significant step in trade dynamics between the two countries.

The introduction of these strawberries not only boosts demand for high-quality produce but also opens avenues for mutually beneficial trade partnerships between South Korea and Malaysia, as consumers can now appreciate the wider flavor profiles and distinctive characteristics of these premium strawberries.

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