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Make The Perfect Ramadan Meals With Some Oat-rageous Recipes

Make The Perfect Ramadan Meals With Some Oat-rageous Recipes

If you find oats bland, they have some tips here for you to follow.

With Ramadan rolling through, oats often become the ingredient of choice for Malaysians to fuel themselves to get through a day of fasting or as a quick snack to have away in the corner without anyone noticing. 🤫

While many would consider the whole grain nutritious option for a filling meal, others, like myself, find its bland and earthy taste a little hard to agree with.

Well for those who are looking to give this miraculous superfood a try or if you need a time-oat from eating just a regular bowl of cereal, then Quaker Oats’s “Rasa Sayang, Rasa Kuat” campaign will be the perfect program to tune in to this fasting month.

Quaker Oats teams up with personality chef Anis Nabilah in a special webisode series to bring audiences on a journey to explore some of the oat-rageous things that you can make with oats.

Each week, Chef Anis will have a celebrity guest over to try out some simple recipes that anyone can easily make at home using Quaker Oats brand of old fashioned, quick-cook or instant oats.

Did you know that you can have oats either cooked or raw.
(Credit: TRP)

Chef Anis with her over 14 years of experience told TRP that you can go against the grain to whip up some local favourites like bubur lambuk, roti jala, thosai, and other things using oats as an ingredient.

She even put her own oat-tastic twist on some classics Malaysian kuih like the Ondeh-ondeh.

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(Credit: Quaker Oats)

Kurma & madu

Muslims can also look forward to how Chef Anis uses “sunnah” ingredients or items used by the Prophet Muhammad, such as dates and honey, to make their oat dishes even more delicious.

Chef Anis explains that dates can be the perfect binding agent to complete your meals. The fruit, as she describes it, dissolves easily and has a beautiful well-rounded taste.

Tune in to her show on YouTube to find out more recipes you can experiment with this Ramadan.

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