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Smell like your favourite champagne. Why we’re bubbling over GH Mumm’s new drinks!

Smell like your favourite champagne. Why we’re bubbling over GH Mumm’s new drinks!

Kirat Kaur

Ah champagne, the fanciest of all drinks, the sure-fire way
to signal that you are a person of finest taste as no mere bottle of wine is
good enough.

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So how would you like to smell like a good bottle of champagne?

Instead of taking a champagne bath a la Marilyn Monroe (and wasting all that good champagne!), you can now douse yourself in the signature Mumm scent of the GH Mumm Grand Cordon champagne!

Yes champagne papis, a champagne perfume is available in sunny Malaysia thanks to OLFAC3, an award-winning Malaysian bespoke perfumer who collaborated with the French champagne house to create this intoxicating aroma.

G.H. Mumm x OLFAC3
(Credit: Pernord Ricard Malaysia)

Brimming with sweet, fruity notes of vanilla, bergamot and pear, the GH Mumm x OLFAC3 perfume is essentially the GH Mumm Grand Cordon champagne in an aromatic bottle.

What is the GH Mumm Grand Cordon champagne?

Well, it’s the quintessential champagne derived from
300 Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier base wines and aged for 20 months
in the Maison’s cellars.

Mumm Grand Cordon
(Credit: Pernord Ricard Malaysia)

It’s wonderfully smooth and fruity, bursting with aromas of ripe
peaches, apricot, pineapple, caramel, dried fruit and honey.

All these sweet bubbles finally land on Malaysian shores as the
iconic Mumm Grand Cordon champagne is introduced together with Mumm Cordon

Mumm Cordon Rosé
(Credit: Pernord Ricard Malaysia)

FYI, the Mumm Cordon Rosé is a crisp amalgamation of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes with Pinot Noir wines that’s a beautiful pink hue, representing the berry flavours of the tipple.

Why do we love the GH Mumm champagnes?

Well, firstly the French champagne house has been in the
business since 1827 so they KNOW champagne.

As mentioned earlier, the two new introductions to Malaysia
are simply brimming with complexly beautiful flavours that are sure to leave you
bubbling in excitement!

Mumm Grand Cordon
(Credit: Pernord Ricard Malaysia)

Secondly, the two effervescent beverages come in the world’s first-ever champagne bottle without the traditional label. The elegant bottle is in fact engraved with fine details, including a swooping red sash.

Mumm Grand Cordon & Mumm Cordon Rosé
(Credit: Pernord Ricard Malaysia)

That’s not all, the Burgundy style design by avant-garde industrial designer Ross Lovegrove is made of 75% recycled glass!

So these tipples will make you feel
good in more ways than one!

If you’re itching to get your
hands on the GH Mumm new champagnes and perfume, have patience.

The Mumm Grand Cordon and Mumm Cordon Rosé will be available in 2020, while the intoxicating perfume can be discovered at future Mumm’s guided tasting events in and around Kuala Lumpur.

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