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Twitter Man Gets Schooled For Citing Wrong Laws On Selling Beer Openly At Supermarkets

Twitter Man Gets Schooled For Citing Wrong Laws On Selling Beer Openly At Supermarkets

Twitter user Naqib wonders if he lives in a “kafir” country since alcoholic drinks were sold openly in the supermarket.

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A blue tick Twitter user Naqib Faiq recently criticised Aeon Kepong for selling alcoholic drinks openly and asked if he was living in a “kafir” country.

He also cited the law that supposedly prohibits “selling alcohol openly like this”.

While it’s easy to be caught up in rage baits, how true are his claims?

Screenshot of Naqib’s Twitter post.

The law cited does not apply to supermarkets

The law he referred to, under the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), only limits the sale of alcoholic drinks in convenience stores, grocery stores, and Chinese herbal shops from 7am to 9pm. The alcoholic drinks can only be sold to those aged 18 and above. It must also be placed in a separate area and not put side by side with other drinks.

This particular law however does not include hypermarkets and supermarkets like Aeon. Moreover, alcoholic drinks in supermarkets are also usually sold in the non-halal section.

As different municipal councils have their own by-laws, generally they adhere to the same principles.

Our checks found that under the Batu Gajah local authority in Perak, the condition for the sale of liquor at supermarkets, convenience stores and hotels concerning placement only mentions:

“Tidak mencampurkan minuman biasa dengan minuman keras di rak yang sama atau di dalam ruang peti sejuk yang sama.”

Alcoholic beverages must not be placed on the same rack or chiller as non-alcoholic drinks.

Under DBKL’s guidelines, placement of the drinks is only mentioned under grocery stores convenience stores and Chinese medical shops, as mentioned above.

Is Malaysia a “kafir” country?

Kafir is a word used to describe non-believers or those who are ungrateful toward God in the Quran. Outside the holy book, the word is often used to describe non-Muslims.

Based on our Federal Constitution, Islam is the official religion but the country is governed by two laws: the Civil law and the Syariah law for Muslims. According to the Malaysian Bar, the Civil Courts set up under the Constitution dispense secular justice daily to all Malaysian citizens.

Meanwhile, Islamic law governs specific matters set out in the Constitution involving Muslims.

It doesn’t pay to be intolerant in a multiracial society

Intolerance in a multiracial society like Malaysia is not healthy for nation-building. Often, intolerance does not pay in the long run.

Back in 2018, a man named Mohamad Edi Mohamad Rias, better known as Edi Rejang, was publicly criticised after he verbally harassed a female beer promoter at a non-halal section in a supermarket in Ampang.

At the time, Edi Rejang claimed that he wasn’t a racist. He said his children study in a Chinese school and he has Chinese friends. He also apologised for losing his temper and explained he didn’t realise he ventured into the non-halal section of the supermarket.

Nevertheless, the incident got Edi Rejang sacked from his workplace where he has worked for more than 10 years. The then-Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng tried to help Edi Rejang with lawyers.

Lim also tried to reach out to Edi Rejang to show him the job offers lined up for him. However, Edi Rejang was unreachable.

Edi Rejang’s wife claimed he was taken away by an unknown person at night.

Netizens school Twitter user

One user pondered why there weren’t much concern about cigarettes being sold openly when there is a fatwa saying it is haram.

Others did not agree to him using the term “kafir”.

Some pointed out the user could be farming for engagement considering he owns a Twitter Blue account. The tweet has amassed over 2 million views since it was posted yesterday afternoon.

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