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Local ‘MakCik’ Caught Destroying Plant After Parking Car 

Local ‘MakCik’ Caught Destroying Plant After Parking Car 

The ‘makcik’s actions were caught on the homeowner’s CCTV camera.

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A ‘makcik’ is going viral on TikTok after she was caught intentionally destroying someone’s plant. The elderly woman’s actions were caught on the plant owner’s CCTV camera.

As seen in the footage, the ‘makcik’ along with a man had parked their Honda HR-V outside the home of TikTok user @annzzle.

@annzzle Betol ke buat mcm ni? Kesian la pokok ni😭😭 sakit hati saye😭 @#pokok #podocarpus ♬ 原声 – Annzzle Ann

Upon getting down from the vehicle, she then noticed that the plant had scratched her car door. 

She then reacted to this by stepping on the plant until its stem broke. 

Caught red handed

“Is it right to do this? It’s a pity that this tree went through this. Hurts my heart,” wrote the neighbour, @Annzzle in sharing the footage on TikTok.

To make matters worse, the ‘makcik’ still chose to park in front of her house later in the day.

After moving from the initial spot, the ‘makcik’ decided to park near her house entrance. 

@annzzle 回复 @Annzzle Ann ♬ JSS硬曲 (XGPRMI Remix) – XGPRMI

While it is unclear if @annzzle confronted the elderly citizen, many netizens were furious with her inconsiderate behaviour. 

Users within the comment section were appalled by the lady’s actions, deeming her cruel for destroying the plant. 


Others, however, sided with the elderly citizen as they claimed it was not right to have a plant outside one’s home.


But what are your views on this? Do you think it was cruel of the ‘makcik’ to destroy the plant? Or do you think the plant should not have been there in the first place? 

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