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Silent Strength: An OKU Rider’s Tale Of Perseverance And Dignity

Silent Strength: An OKU Rider’s Tale Of Perseverance And Dignity

The story is not just about overcoming personal obstacles; it’s about his dignity and refusal to seek sympathy.

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In the bustling streets of Klang Valley, a delivery rider with disabilities (OKU) captures the essence of determination and resilience.

Despite being deaf and mute, the rider has carved out a niche in the competitive delivery services world, earning a remarkable 5.0 rating from over 300 customers.

The rider’s story was shared by a netizen and fellow delivery rider named Fusaichi, who came across him at a bus stop in Cyberjaya, where the encounter revealed the depth of his commitment to his job.

Using WhatsApp to communicate, he explained that he had just completed a drop-off in Kota Warisan and was searching for an order back to Bangi.

Since 2019, the rider has been part of the Lalamove delivery team, navigating the complexities of customer interaction with the help of technology and sheer willpower.

OKU Rider’s Resilience and Resourcefulness

When asked how he communicates with his customers, the rider demonstrated that he uses chat functions and customer support to bridge the gap imposed by his disability.

This revelation struck a chord with the netizens, who deeply respected his adaptability and work ethic.

He remained undeterred even when faced with challenges such as cancelling orders because he refused to carry non-halal items.

While waiting at the bus stop, Fusaichi offered him a cigarette, which he politely declined, further showcasing his considerate nature.

As they waited for orders, the OKU rider received one for Cyberjaya to Bangi.

However, reaching the customer proved difficult as they did not respond on the app and lacked a WhatsApp account.

Fusaichi recommended using SMS as an alternative, and then the rider went straight to the pickup location and indicated his arrival to the customer by making a missed call.

Unwavering Strength and Grace Under Pressure

Reflecting on the rider’s life, Fusaichi felt a wave of emotion, recognizing the silent struggles and triumphs of someone living in a world without sound.

He noted that the OKU rider embodies ‘Izzah’ (dignity), ‘Qana’ah’ (contentment), and humility.

His tale is one of unwavering strength and grace under pressure, serving as a beacon of hope and a reminder that one can achieve greatness against all odds with determination and humility.

It is a poignant reminder of the human capacity for adaptability and the profound impact of empathy in our daily interactions.

The posting had been widely shared by netizens, who empathized with the story and wished the OKU rider the best of luck in earning a living.

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